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Super EZ Forex

Super EZ Forex is a Forex indicator that allows you to earn lifelong profits with just 20 minutes of your time. It comprises live trading room discussions, free updates, a triple arrow trading system, and a members training area. In this Super EZ Forex review, you will get to learn more about this trading tool.

Super EZ Forex presentation

Super EZ Forex: To Trust or Not to Trust?

The vendor of Super EZ Forex does not provide any details about themselves, including their location. However, when you see their ‘Testimonials’ section on the website, you will learn that the vendor is named Pat. The sales page says that Pat took four years to develop this expert advisor.

Moreover, there are no contact details on the sales page, which means you don’t have any way to contact them before you buy their product. All these signs show us that Super EZ Forex cannot be trusted. Let us look further and know what all does it has to offer.


Super EZ Forex allows customers to download it and get information on finance, investment, trading, and risk modeling. As per the developer, you can use this EA in several Forex trading strategies to earn monthly profits. This is the only information that the vendor provides us in the ‘About Us’ section of their site, which is not at all sufficient.

Every Forex robot developer should be transparent so that you can trust them before investing your money in it. Furthermore, the vendor provides trade examples and claims that you can see a maximum of four different live trades.

Plus, they claim that their strategies are easy to understand for everyone, even children. You can also find Super EZ Forex videos on their YouTube channel. These videos consist of trading psychology and strategies. The videos are posted by a person called ‘Uncle P’ or Patrick.

Super EZ Forex - YouTube channel

Some of the features of this trading system include:

  • Easy color matching algorithmic system
  • Works on the MT4 platform
  • Can work on all time frames
  • Can be used on any stock, currency, indices, cryptocurrencies, and metals
  • Provides notifications to you on email and mobile phone
  • Has customizable “smiley faces” to cancel noise and filter trends
  • Comes with “Name personalization”
  • Shows you hot zones, which confirm buying and selling and suggest stop loss areas

When it comes to the price of Super EZ Forex, it will cost you $323.67, which includes $299 and 8.25% tax. In this, you will get two license keys for two of your chosen broker accounts. With this, you can enter a private group. For more license keys, you have to shell out an additional amount of $149 each.

Super EZ Forex price

You can buy as many license keys as you want after you have bought the software. And, you can use your license keys on several computers with the same broker accounts. After purchasing this system, you have to click on ‘Login’ in order to get access to the trading system and join the tutorial program.

Unverified Trading Results

Super EZ Forex does not have any verified results on reputed third-party websites, like Myfxbook and FXBlue, which show unbiased trading results. Trading results are really important to judge a Forex robot as it allows us to check out its deposits, balance, win-rate, symbols, drawdown, lots, average monthly gain, profitability, profit factor, average trade length, average win and loss, etc. However, the vendor has posted some trade examples on their official website. These show us the spread, open positions, time frame, and the pips gained, but they do not disclose any other information.

Super EZ Forex Trading Results

Backtesting results

There are no backtesting results for Super EZ Forex. Backtests are vital since they enable us to evaluate the effectiveness and performance of the trading strategy used. Without them, we cannot assess the system.

Reviews from customers

This trading tool does not have any Super EZ Forex review on third-party websites, such as Forexpeacearmy, Trustpilot, etc.

Super EZ Forex Reviews from customers

However, you can see some customer reviews on its official site. All these reviews are positive. But, the vendor could have easily manipulated them.

Super EZ Forex testimonials

Super EZ Forex also has its YouTube channel, wherein its videos have no likes or dislikes and the comments are turned off. This means users cannot ask questions or talk about anything related to the videos. If the developer claims its product is great, then why have they turned off the comments on their videos? This makes the system untrustworthy.

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