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Big Expert
Big Expert Characteristics

Big Expert is an expert advisor that belongs to Renate Gerlinde. The system was published on March 6, 2021, in the MQL5 community. It was activated only 15 times. There were 2459 demo downloads. The current version of the software is 2.0

Big Expert: To Trust or Not to Trust?

We should not trust this EA. The main and the most important reason is that the developer doesn’t trust his real several thousand USD to show to everyone that the system he built is a stable and profitable trading solution. 


The system has some features explained:

  • Big Expert is a fully automated trading solution.
  • It can execute orders on EURUSD only. 
  • He noted that there are no risky strategies on the board like Cost Averaging, Grid, Martingale, Hedge, or High-Risk trading.
  • The advisor sets Stop Loss and Take Profit levels for all open orders to prevent them from rough market moves. 
  • All tests were performed on the real data received from broker houses. 
  • These are the ones that were executed on M15, M30, H1, H4, and D1 time frames. 
  • The account has to be $200 or higher. 
  • We are free to set the advisor on any broker. 
  • The risk shouldn’t be higher than 1.5%.
  • The risks can be managed manually if we want. 
  • The system marks its orders by a unique magic number. 
  • The News Filter allows skipping trading determined hours. 
  • The system is based on many indicators.  
  • It makes math calculations to check the market. 
  • The tests united data from over twenty brokers. 
  • The robot trades taking into account FIFO rules.
  • The leverage can be set at 1:40.
Big Expert. There’s a list of settings we are allowed to customize.
  • There’s a list of settings we are allowed to customize. 
Big Expert price

The price for the advisor decreased from $345 to $225 for a single real account license. The rent is available for $90 monthly. We can also download a demo copy of the product for free. The deal is not supported by a money-back guarantee. 

Verified Trading Results

Big Expert backtest

There are five backtest reports on the various time frames published. It’s an H4 time frame report. The historical quality was 96%. The total net profit has become $326,037. The maximal drawdown was 14.28% ($43,610). The profit factor was 1.86. The Recovery Factor was 6.07. The system has traded 570 deals. The win rate was 65% for Shorts and 63% for Longs. 

We have no verified trading results provided. There’s no demo or real account created. It’s suspicious. There has to be a real reason not to show how the robot works. 

Vendor Transparency

Big Expert. The developer has a 2.6 product rate among other developers on mql5.

The developer has a 2.6 product rate among other developers on mql5. He has a year of experience and four products in his portfolio. 

People feedback

Big Expert People feedback
Big Expert People feedback

Clients have noted that the robot is a pure scam and it can’t make profits on the real account. For us, it’s enough. 

Other notes

Big Expert. There are four products in the portfolio.

There are four products in the portfolio. We have MT4 and MT5 versions of BigExpert, Tools RS, and BolingCustom. So, for a year, no more products were added.

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