Aemetis Sustainable Aviation Fuel Plant Permits

by Warren Seah

Key Permits Secured

In addition to the air permits, Aemetis received approvals from the city of Riverbank in September after undergoing a separate technical review and public comment process. These permits are crucial for Aemetis to move forward with the engineering and financing required to build the plant.

Plant Specifications

The planned facility aims to produce 90 million gallons per year, with a 50% allocation to sustainable aviation fuel and another 50% to renewable diesel production. It is capable of producing up to 78 million gallons per year if 100% of the production is dedicated to sustainable aviation fuel.

State-of-the-Art Industrial Complex

Situated on a 125-acre Riverbank Industrial Complex, the site boasts 100% renewable hydroelectricity, a rail line with storage for 120 railcars, 710,000 square feet of buildings, and 50 acres of industrial land ready for development. A lease/sale agreement for the industrial complex was finalized with a subsidiary of Aemetis in December 2021.

Future Projections

Aemetis anticipates that its sustainable aviation fuel and renewable diesel plant will generate $672 million in revenues with $195 million in adjusted EBITDA by 2027, according to the company’s five-year plan.

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