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Anyone with any savings should use financial management tools. With them, such work will become easier, and only some will be able to do it correctly. To deal with any problems, you need to connect to Mint (not related to US Mint). This application is one of the leaders, so you do not have the right to miss it.

General information about Mint

Intuit is a top company developing various financial applications and other similar products. It is her work of art that is Mint. Intuit has a good reputation. It boasts a broad customer base of over 1 million users. Such popularity is caused by the transparency of the company’s work, the quality of its products, and the presence of various awards at international competitions.

The reputation of Intuit has a positive effect on the popularity of Mint. This application is unique, and it is impossible to find analogs for it. The uniqueness lies in the use of the latest methods of financial analysis. They allow you to cover all aspects of money management and achieve complete harmony. Mint is an emerging brand. The professional Intuit team regularly improves this application. This makes it more convenient and valuable for users. Such efforts of the company are not in vain, as it is pretty challenging to find negative reviews about the product.

Mint is perfect in every way. It is not only simple, convenient, and valuable but also accessible. This surprises users even more and makes them respect the developer company. The absence of a fee opens access to the application to people who cannot spend extra monthly money to pay for one or another tariff. At the same time, the free status does not limit users’ possibilities and regularity of receiving updates. There is a lack of payment and a negative point. It consists of a large number of advertising, which quickly bothers users.

Important features

Working with Mint is always a pleasure. This is due to the simplicity of all the actions performed and to a particular interest that arises even among experienced users. Despite the increased comfort level, you should remember to follow a procedure that helps you register and set up the application for further work.

Instructions for working with Mint:

  1. Start by opening the official Mint website. You can do this in any convenient way.
  2. On all web resource pages, there is an inscription “Sign up.» Clicking on it will take you to the registration form.
  3. In it, fill in all the empty fields. There are relatively few of them, so much work will take little time.
  4. You agree to the registration and complete the process of creating an account.
  5. In the next step, download Mint and install it on your mobile device. Remember that you can download any files only from the pages of trusted sites (for example, from Google Play).
  6. Launch the application and log into your account.
  7. Go to the settings section and change everything you want.
  8. Only after that add the assets that you will operate with the help of Mint.

If you have decided to use Mint mobile, you need to study its features. Such information can be helpful at any time and prevent various troubles.

Important features:

  1. Contacts. The developer company publishes various contact details on its website. They can be used to solve multiple issues unrelated to the application’s operation. If you need to get answers regarding Mint, then the correct solution is to send an email. Intuit representatives are heavily loaded with work but quickly answer any questions. Before asking for help, you need to open a particular section of the site (“Support”). Please enter your question in it and click the search button. After a few seconds, the service will display a list of such requests and answers to them from the support service.
  2. Account reliability. Application developers spend much time improving user security. To do this, the company uses several methods to protect your account from hacking. In addition, it encrypts personal information, which prevents it from falling into third parties.
  3. Advertising. It is present wherever possible. Users do not like this very much, but it will not be possible to close it or remove it in any other way, even for money. This tenacity of developers is due to Intuit’s partnerships with several brands that offer a variety of financial products. At the same time, advertising is a kind of payment for using the application, so many people are ready to endure certain inconveniences.
  4. Additions. People who have downloaded and installed Mint can use many valuable tools without restrictions. They help in financial calculations, as well as in money management. Also, among the useful additions should be attributed a large amount of educational content, which will become a real treasure for beginners. All information is provided free of charge, regardless of frequency of use. Its quality is relatively high, so there is no doubt about the reliability of the data.

Advantages and disadvantages

There is nothing better than using an application with a list of benefits so long that it is not practical to list them all. Mint is precisely such a product. However, it still has disadvantages, which are better to know in advance.


•         Top developer

•         Wide client base

•         Free use

•         Frequent updates

•         No security issues

•         A wide range of money management methods

•         The ability to use on any gadgets

•         No problems with the work of customer support

•         The low percentage of negative reviews

•         Fast registration


•         A large number of advertisements

People who have never used financial management tools are unlikely to know how easy it is to manage their finances. The best assistant in this matter will be Mint. It is convenient, efficient, and easy to use. These qualities make this application a favorite of hundreds of thousands of users.

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