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Investing in Forex carries a certain amount of risk that every trader should be aware of. But this does not mean that it is difficult to profit from Forex trading. It is possible to make big profits even without having the necessary skills. Yes, when you use automated Forex trading systems also known as Forex robots, you get to reduce the risks involved. Furthermore, the profits are generally higher than when you do manual trading. This is because of the automated settings. 

FXCONSTANT is among the several Forex robots that assure traders of steady profits. This MT4 trading advisor uses real statistics, fast trading, and capital protection maneuvers to ensure users get high returns. Our experts have reviewed this system thoroughly. Whether it is the performance, the trading approach, or the system as a whole that you want to know of, this review gives a candid perspective.

FXCONSTANT: To Trust or Not to Trust?

Since the Forex robots do not come cheap, you need to be assured that your investment brings in appreciable returns. As expert analysts, we have assessed the different aspects of this Forex robot. Our initial impression of the system is that it does not provide sufficient transparency concerning the vendor and the strategy used. Despite the backtests and verified trading results, the system does not have user reviews to back its claims. Let us take a closer look at the features, performance, and strategy to arrive at an accurate conclusion of the system’s reliability.



Powered by Forex Store, the FXCONSTANT Forex robot uses a proprietary market analysis but no indicators for its trades. The special algorithms used by the system analyze price trends and accordingly activate a suitable trading pattern. Nearly 20 separate patterns constantly upgraded to market conditions are used by the system. 

Money management as a result differs based on the specific pattern used. This system is designed to focus on the EURUSD pair. The vendor does not provide further info related to the timeframe, settings, and other recommendations. With our perusal of the features, here are the main factors we identified in this system that can influence its reliability.

  1. Backtests
  2. Verified trading results
  3. Lack of vendor transparency
  4. Price

Let us discuss the above main features here.


Backtests done over 9 years have been posted on the site. But we could see that the modeling quality is 90.0% only. We prefer the modeling quality to be 99.9% or more as it gives more insight into the system’s slippage, commissions, and other relevant stats. Here is a screenshot of one of the backtests.


From the above strategy tester report using the one-hour timeframe, we could see the initial deposit of $200 has resulted in a net profit of 186664625.57. A maximal drawdown value of 26.08% and a profit factor of 1.55 are revealed in the report.

Verified Trading Results 

A real USD account verified by the myfxbook site is revealed on the official site. Find the screenshot of the results below:

FXCONSTANT trading results

From the stats, we could identify a total profit of 357.74% from deposits of $1000. The daily and monthly profits are at 0.23% and 7.79% respectively. A 7% drawdown is present for the account that started trading in July 2019 up to March 2021. Over these two years, 146 trades have been executed with a profit factor of 1.65. 

From the trading history, we could see the lot sizes are high ranging from 0.15 up to 0.42. We wonder why the account stopped trading in March when it reveals decent profits. Comparing the backtests with the trading results we could see several discrepancies like the drawdown value, profit percentage, etc.  

Vendor Transparency

Other than featuring the Forex Store logo, we could not find details related to the developer or the location. We look for such vendor details as they signify the reliability of the system. The absence of such info makes the system look suspicious. Furthermore, the vendor does not explain the trading approach clearly. There is general info about price movement and market analysis. We would like the vendor to reveal more about their trading approach.



This Forex robot is available at $295. The package includes a single license, MT4/MT5 versions, a detailed user guide, and reliable technical support. A money-back guarantee of 30 days is present. Despite the money-back assurance, the price of the system is expensive when compared to other similar automated systems in the market.

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