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Forex Zeon-X

Forex Zeon is an automated trading robot, which claims to generate “+155186.38% PROFIT ON REAL MONEY ACCOUNTS”. Its developers say that this automatic trading software “makes trading decisions based on mathematical algorithms, probability and market analytics” to help and guide traders to navigate the perilous journey of trading. Forex Zeon-X robot uses a multi-currency strategy. It can adapt its trading strategy to different market conditions. This unique feature, which differentiates the robot from the other trading software, allows traders to keep up with the trading market and puts them in the most beneficial position to profit all the time. The developers add that their fully automated expert advisor can blow all the competitors away. They believe that this is all made possible thanks to their years of trading experience, which any trader can access by downloading their Forex Zeon-X Pro robot.

Is Forex Zeon-X a Good Choice?

Today in this Forex Zeon-X Pro review, we will be providing detailed information about the robot performance data, risk management, transparency, and the other important data to let you know if this is real or too good to be true.

After our thorough review of Forex Zeon-X, we do not believe that this EA performs as its developers claim.

Our verdict is based on:

-Confusing trading results

– No strategy insight

– Lack of vendor transparency

– High drawdown

– No customer reviews

Confusing Trading Results

At the Forex Zeon-X site, we see a lot of impressive trading results. However, only a couple of them go to while the rest go to None of myfxbook accounts have a track record nor trading driveler verification. Moreover, we can’t click on these accounts: 

Forex Zeon-X Trading results

We would like these aspects to be sorted.

No Strategy Insight

The developers do not mention anything about trading approach. It is difficult for us to recommend any trading EA to our readers that does not provide any information about its trading strategy.

Looking at the trading results, we have surmised that the robot uses a high-frequency trading scalping strategy. We believe this is so because most of the trades placed last only between 1-4 seconds.

Although we like the scalping approach, we know that most of EAs do not work as advertised. The reasons may be different (due to a broker, execution speed required, etc), but until proven otherwise traders should be very attentive with high-frequency trading scalping.

Lack of Vendor Transparency

The developers of Forex Zeon-X write a lot about the software, most of the information we see on their website is fluff. Sale pages like this are successful for newbies (because of their simplicity), but not for experienced traders (because they do not provide enough trading details).

There is no information about the domain ownership data, who the developers are, where they are located, or what their trading history is. Thanks to we have only found that this EA was launched two months ago.

Forex Zeon-X domain

For traders who are interested in Forex Zeon-X, it is very important to know who is behind this service as well as know the reputation of the creator. Nobody wants to give his money to somebody who has little or no experience in trading who happened upon an ex4 file.

There are a few things they feel their clients should know about their service:

Forex Zeon-X services

However, the above-listed services are basic ones, and mostly every forex expert advisor 2020 offers the same services.

High Drawdown

Let us analyze high drawdown statistics of a live trading account on This trading account shows a total return of 91.41% from April 25, 2020, until May 15, 2020, the average win is  $15.62 and an average loss – $18.31, average trade length – 17h 4m, and the worst drawdown – 19.23% ($2,387K). The average loss is higher than the average win that is not good for trading.

Forex Zeon-X High Drawdown

Forex Zeon-X High Drawdown

We have also noticed that drawdown has constantly been above 6%. High drawdowns hurt any trading account because they can increase the risk of ruin.

No Customer Reviews

Customer feedback is an important tool for us to analyze trustworthy information about every EA. We do not rely on reviews on the official webpage, because they might be manipulated. Therefore, we rely on reviews written on third party sites. Unfortunately, we have not found customer reviews concerning the Forex Zeon-X robot.

Conclusion: Is Forex Zeon-X Worth Its Price?

Forex Zeon-X does not provide enough information to confirm its transparency and legitimacy. Moreover, we have not found any customer review to analyze how the software copes with the trading process. We would like to know more about the developer, trading strategy, and understand what is going on with trading results.

We would not recommend this EA, because it has only the barest minimum in proving that it is competent or trustworthy enough to allow for the amount it requires.

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