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EA Super 8

EA Super 8 is a trading solution that was released on MQL5. The developer didn’t provide extended information about how the system functions and what we should expect from it.

EA Super 8: to trust or not to trust?

We’d like to say that the system requires further research and more long-term trading results. The system should work for several months more to make a final decision.


The system has a simple and average presentation. It was kind of hard to find all the minimum required information to form this list. 

  • The system can execute orders for us on a terminal completely automatically. 
  • The devs claimed that the price after $249 will become $449. 
  • Maybe something goes wrong or something. 
  • We have to work with it using recommended settings. 
  • It trades quite aggressively on a terminal. 
  • There’s a better method to spot entry points during the trend moves. 
  • We can work with low profits and drawdowns. 
  • We have to have over $100 on a balance. 
  • The system requires you to withdraw our account everyday. 
  • “If we lose an account we have to deposit it at $100 and start everything once again.” It sounds like a scam. 
  • The developer provides all required information. 


EA Super 8 pricing
EA Super 8 pricing

We may note that the system started costing $100 more, $249. There are no rental options available. We are free to use a demo copy of the system. The devs  don’t provide us with refunds. 

Verified trading results

EA Super 8 backtest report.

The presentation includes a NZDUSD test on the M1 time frame. The data period was picked 2013-2021. The lot was fixed at 0.01. The modeling quality was 99.90% and 5-pip spreads. An initial deposit was $100 that has become $97,121 of the total net profit. The profit factor was 1.80. The maximum drawdown was 28.90%. The win rate was approximately 70% in both directions. 

EA Super 8 live trading results.

Trading results are a good pro, so we can check how the system works on a real market. It’s a real USD account on RoboForex where the advisor works automatically with 1:500 leverage. The win rate is 73.1%. An initial deposit was $1,009.13. The withdrawal was $1138. So, there’s almost nothing left. It’s a scam. 

EA Super 8 trading statistics.

The system trades 143 deals weekly. An average trade length is 49 minutes. 

EA Super 8 growth chart.

The system is working for less than a month. 

EA Super 8 closed orders.

The advisor uses not only a risky strategy – Grid of orders but also Martingale. 

EA Super 8 statistics.

There were 271 orders traded by the system. The best trade is $111.34 when the worst trade is -$16.83. The recovery factor is 3.87 when a profit factor is 2.87. 

EA Super 8 distribution.

Now, EURUSD is the most traded symbol with 105 orders. Most of the profits of $170 were obtained in GBPUSD. 

Low drawdowns

High drawdowns.

The system works with low drawdowns to the balance. We had several medium-term periods.

Vendor transparency

The dev’s profile on MQL5.

Vitali Vasilenka is a developer from Belarus with a 16,919 rating. There are 15 products in the portfolio (were 16). There are 34 signals that gathered 187 subscribers.

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