Arbor Review

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Arbor Review

Arbor is a fully automated trading algorithm that can trade several currency pairs on a one-hour timeframe chart. According to the developer, the expert advisor uses S/L and T/P with a combination of news filters to manage risk properly. The algorithm can work appropriately with all account types and doesn’t use any grid or martingale strategies. In this review, we will discuss all the features of the robot to understand its profitability and credibility.

Arbor: to trust or not to trust?

Our analysis has discovered that the robot failed to give a good insight into the trading strategy. The drawdown is average, but the overall growth isn’t promising to make the traders invest in this system. 


Arbor comes with the following features:

  • The expert advisor doesn’t use the grid or martingale strategy.
  • It can trade multiple currencies from one chart.
  • The EA uses a smart news filter
  • The robot can work on Metatrader 4 and 5 trading terminals.


Arbor comes with an asking price of $349 for a lifetime key, and $99 is asked for a monthly rental offer. There is also a free demo option provided on the website, which can be used to test the performance of the robot before the final purchase. The developer didn’t mention any refund policy in the presentation of the algorithm. The price is also expensive compared to the other EAs available in the Forex market. 

Pricing of the EA.

Trading strategy

The algorithm does not uses grid or martingale strategies and uses a dedicated stop loss and take profit for each trade. There is no further information on the topic, so we head over to the live records on MQL 5. 

We observe that the EA uses a virtual exit for each position and trades on major currency pairs. The lot size can fluctuate with each trade. 

History of the EA.

Trading results

The developer shares the 1-hour backtesting results of the GBPUSD symbol. The EA was tested for five years of historical data between 2016.01.01-2022.02.02. The stats consist of 282977654 ticks with a history quality of 99.00%. The system made 2713 trades, of which 2388 were winners, and 325 were lost. The relative drawdown can be seen as 6.81%, and the profit factor was 2.13. The backtesting records were not provided properly as there is no detailed statement.

Backtesting records of the EA.

The live trading records of the EA are available on the MQL5 website. The account started trading on 04.02.2022 and has been live till today. With an initial amount of $1000, the system performed 72.9% profitable traders with a profit of $234.24. The robot places 17 trades per week, and the average holding time is 8 hours. 

Live trading records from MQL5.

The system placed 2231 executions and lost 350 of them. 

The system showed a gain of +23%, with a profit factor of 1.52 and 1:500 leverage. It participated in 96 orders, out of which 26 trades were losing. The average profit of the algorithm is $9.73, and the average loss is -$17.20, which does not look promising.  

Live trading records from MQL5.

Low drawdown

The maximum drawdown value of the robot is at 5.4%. The trading frequency of the robot is shady as 80% of overall growth was achieved in the last 5 days while the robot has been live for 116 days. 

Drawdown chart from MQL5.

The working methodology is a red flag as there is no consistency shown by the robot in placing trades. 

Notes section of MQL5.

Vendor transparency 

Jakub Norbert Bogusz from Poland is the vendor of the EA, with 6 active product listings and 6 live signals on MQL5. He claims to be working as a developer since 2014, but fails to provide any evidence to prove his claims. There are no certifications, legit official websites, and information on their whereabouts. No links or options are available to contact the author other than the MQL5 platform.

Customer feedback

No customer testimonies were found on any reputed third-party websites such as Forexpeacearmy, Trustpilot, Quora, etc. This also exhibits the lack of popularity among forex traders. However, there are 28 user reviews present on the MQL5 platform with 4.5/5. One of the traders commented, mentioning his concerns over the EA not opening any trades for a week. 

Customer feedback on the MQL5 platform.

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