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Happy Way

Happy Way is an automated EA created by experienced and skilled traders of the Happy Forex Group who have 10 automated Forex systems. This software “trades with the direction of the market” and places trades on behalf of the user. The developers of this trading tool claim that Happy Way EA does not use any indicator, but it uses grid strategy without martingale. It is not a secret that a grid trading strategy may be too risky and dangerous for trading.

In this Happy Way review, we will analyze trading performance, risk factors, trading strategy, vendor transparency, price, influence of the grid approach on trading, and the other important things to decide whether this robot is a good choice.

Is Happy Way a Good Choice?

Happy Way is a good robot for traders because it offers:

          Stable profit

          Clear trading strategy

          3rd party verified trading results

          30 days money-back guarantee

          0,01 risk level of trading

          10 Happy Forex robots in one package

However, it has a few disadvantages:

          High drawdown performance

          Grid trading strategy

          It requires high deposit for trading

          The developers do not provide any backtests

          Quiet expensive EA

Trading Strategy

Happy Way EA does not use any indicators. Instead, it is based on a grid strategy without martingale. The main goal of the grid trading approach is to “trap” the price and profit in whatever direction it moves in. Although the grid can work in certain market conditions, unfavorable market conditions may cause trade positions to continuously be open which can lead to serious drawdown, margin call, and stop-outs.

Happy Way Trading Strategy

Happy Way Live Results

The good thing about Happy Way EA is that the developers have placed live performance results on their website:

Happy Way Live Results

Let’s analyze its trading performance and discuss what we see.

Trading Performance Data

Happy Way Myfxbook

This Happy Way live account started trading on May 15, 2017. It is a real USD account that runs on the popular Meta Trader 4 platform with a Fort Financial Services broker. The initial deposits were 29726 dollars. During 3 years, the total gain has grown up to +35.54%. The average daily gain is +0,03% and monthly gain is +0, 83%.

As it is seen from the screenshot below, the robot can trade smoothly and predictably:

Happy Way trading results

From May 15, 2017, to July 16, 2020, the Happy Way robot has traded 724 deals with 20776.5 pips. The average win ($48.97) is mostly equal to average loss (-$54.87). The Happy Way EA has won 490 out of 724 trades, which represents 68%. The average win-rate is between 65% and 69%. The average trade length is 19 days. Its best trade (452, 28$) is mostly the same as its worst trade (-443.82$). The profit factor is high and equals 1,87.

Happy Way advanced statistics

It is very rare to see a robot that trades all day.

Happy Way statistics

The robot trades every day, from Monday to Friday:

Happy Way statistics

The account runs with 0.01% risk level:

Happy Way statistics

Years went, but the robot shows stable monthly gain:

Happy Way monthly analytics

Happy Way monthly analytics

Happy Way monthly analytics

Happy Way monthly analytics

High Drawdown Performance

Its peak drawdown is 30.41%.

Happy Way Drawdown

High drawdown performance is very risky for any trading account. We have noticed insignificant vicissitudes in terms of drawdown performance from 2% up to 8%. This may have a negative impact on trading performance and increase risk of ruin.

Pricing and Refund

Happy Way Pricing

2 packages include a different number of licenses. For €299, you will get 10 EAs and 2 licenses. For 499€ it will be 10 EAs and 5 licenses.

When you buy Happy Way, you will get:

Happy Way package

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