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Red Hawk
Red Hawk Characteristics

Red Hawk is a trading advisor that was released in Fall 2020. As for the EA, it’s still a young period of performance. The system was downloaded for demo usage 1771 times. The current version is 2.1. It was updated on March 11, 2021.  

Red Hawk: To Trust or Not to Trust?

There’s no answer in this way like to trust or not to trust. The system is a quite young trading solution. There are still risks that it won’t handle upcoming market conditions. 


Red Hawk has a quite informative presentation with many few explained:

  • The system works without a need for human intervention. So, they can be stress-free profits. 
  • There are both versions of the robot crates: MT4 and MT5. 
  • The robot manages “a mean reversion trading system that trades during the quiet times of the market.” It looks like a night scalper. 
  • The system works on the next symbols: EUR/GBP, AUD/CAD, AUD/JPY, USD/CHF, EUR/AUD, EUR/USD, GBP/USD, EUR/CHF, and USD/CAD.
  • The robot executes orders in the short time frame – M5. 
  • It was designed for trading on the ECN accounts only. 
  • The developer suggests we use IC Markets or Alpari broker. IC Markets is a good one. 
  • The system requires a VPas service for increasing execution speed. 
  • The system avoided experiencing significant and long-term drawdowns. 
  • It covers all open deals with Stop Loss and Take Profit level placing. 
  • It doesn’t run risky strategies like Grid or Martingale.
  • There are Spreads and Slippage filters that allow avoiding opening deals during wild market conditions.  
  • The system will trade with fixed Lots by default if we don’t change it to auto calculation. 
  • The robot requires $250 of margin to start trading.  
  • The risk can be set for each trade. 
Red Hawk price

The last copy with a $349 price has been sold for a month or so. The next price will be $399. 

Red Hawk price

Red Hawk costs $349 for a copy. There are three rental options. The one-month rent starts from $110. The three-month rent costs $199 (we save 40%). The one-year subscription costs $249 (we save 81%). We can demo download the robot to check it on the terminal to be sure that important settings can be customized. The packages are delivered without a refund policy. 

Verified Trading Results

Red Hawk Verified Trading Results

There are some reports published in the presentation. This one was a test of eight pairs with medium risk to the account balance. The broker’s data was picked from 2012 to 2020. The total profit has become $2,211,186. Red Hawk has traded 5388 deals. The maximum drawdown was 11.17%. The Risk to Reward Ratio was 2.74.  The Profit Factor was 2.42. The accuracy rate was 77.95%. 

Red Hawk Verified Trading Results

There’s a demo ECN account with 1:500 leverage on the Alpari broker. Signals from it are available for free. So, what’s the reason to buy the robot? The reliability of the signals is high. The account is online for 38 weeks. This system is an algo trading robot. The maximum drawdown is 5.8%. The win rate is 71.7%. The maximum deposit load is 7.1%.

The account was created on July 24, 2020. The initial deposit was set at $5,000. Since then, the Profit has amounted to $1,329.86. The growth amounts to 26.60%. 

Red Hawk Verified Trading Results

The system can provide only a little monthly profits. When clients buy a robot, they expect to get much better results. 

Red Hawk Verified Trading Results

The robot has closed 378 deals with 71.69% (271 deals). An average profit is $14.89 when an average loss is -$25.28.

The Gross Profit is $4,035.07 when the Gross Loss is -$2,705.21. The maximum win-streak is 14 deals with a $210.35 profit. . 

The recovery factor is 3.64. The Profit Factor is 1.49. An average trade length is several hours.

Red Hawk. EUR/USD is the most frequently traded currency pair with 126 deals.

EUR/USD is the most frequently traded currency pair with 126 deals. It has brought -$243 of losses as well. The most profitable currency pair is AUD/CAD, with $548.

Low Drawdowns

Red Hawk drawdown

The drawdowns are low, so we can say this is low-risk trading.  

Vendor Transparency

Red Hawk. The developer is from Malta.

The developer is from Malta. His profile has a 34196 rate and 2972 friends. The portfolio includes sixteen signals and eighteen products. 

People feedback

Red Hawk People feedback

Clients who bought or rented Wim’s products wrote only positive comments. 

Other notes

If the robot is really that good, why didn’t the developer decide to create a real account and deposit it, for example, for $10,000 and increase it after each copy is sold? Demo account trading means that if the system crews everything up, the dev won’t lose anything at all.

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