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NCM Signals

NCM Signals is a copy-trading service firm that generates signals on the master account and sends them to subscribers through copy-trading software. The presentation welcomes us with the statement, “looking for a successful Forex investment.” The service has been running for 1098 days. The total gain is 397%. The annual gain is 60%.

NCM Signals presentation

NCM Signals: To Trust or Not to Trust?

It’s completely up to you. We’ve got trading results without backtests. It can mean there are signal providers behind the system.


NCM Signals Features

Copy-trading service costs $39 for a month for delivered signals, including a VPS service.

NCM Signals. We have to register an account on IC Markets with their IB code.

To get the signals for $39, we have to do the next steps:

  • We have to register an account on IC Markets with their IB code.
  • We have to open an ECN MT4 account.
  • The leverage has to be 1:500.
  • We have to fund the account at least $1000.
NCM Signals. If we want to run our IC Markets account, we can pay $79 monthly.
  • If we want to run our IC Markets account, we can pay $79 monthly.
  • There’s a restriction that the account has to be not higher than $50000.

Let’s talk about the systems’ features:

  • The EA works fully-automatically.
  • Copy-trading software allows trading only on a MetaTrader 4 platform.
  • There are three robots that are controlled by the developer.
  • The main robot performs a scalping strategy in the market direction.
  • The system shows an 81% win-rate.
  • The robot can close deals before they reach SL levels to prevent huge losses.
  • There are risky strategies like Grid and Martingale on the board.
  • We can copy signals from the master account to ours.
  • We can enjoy a free VPS service that’s included in the package.
  • They have the lowest possible ping to IC Markets servers.
  • We’re free to set the risk we want from 0% to 200% from the master account.
  • There’s an auto quit system that closes deals if the drawdown level is reached.
  • We keep controlling our account all the time.
  • There’s no lock period for our funds as well.
  • IC Market is an ASIC regulated broker.
NCM Signals - profit calculator
  • We’ve got a profit calculator. We can set range, risks, and deposits.

Verified Trading Results

The developers didn’t share backtest reports with us. So, we can’t be sure that they own the robot that designs these signals.

NCM Signals Myfxbook

The system works on a real USD account on IC Markets. There’s a mixed style of trading because there’s an EA or EAs under manual supervision. The robot uses technical analysis, receiving information from MT4. The leverage is 1:500. The account has a verified track record and verified trading privileges. It was deployed just several years ago – on February 04, 2018, and funded at $300. Since then, the absolute gain has become +397.4%. An average monthly gain is 4.48%. The maximum drawdown is acceptable and equals 12.00%. Three hundred twenty traders track the account.

NCM Signals advanced statistics

The robot has traded 1107 deals with 4685 pips. An average winning trade is 11.49 when an average losing trade is -28.30 pips. There were 31.88 Lots traded. The win-rate is 81% for BUY and 82% for SELL directions. An average trade length is four and a half hours. The Profit Factor is good – 2.14.

NCM Signals trading results

The system trades only a GBP/CAD currency pair. It trades both directions equally by profits and open deals.

NCM Signals trading results

The robot is a high scalper that performs during the Australian trading session.

NCM Signals trading results

Wednesday (295) and Tuesday (277 deals) are the most traded days.

NCM Signals trading results

The system works with the low risks to the account balance.

NCM Signals trading results

The system hides SL and TP levels from a broker in order to not be hunted.

NCM Signals monthly gain
NCM Signals monthly gain

The robot shows stable profitability under human management.

Low Drawdowns

NCM Signals Drawdowns

The system runs the account with impossibly low drawdowns.

Vendor Transparency

The company has a medium level of transparency because we don’t have backtests but have verified trading results. We lack the intel about the team behind this robot.

People feedback

NCM Signals People feedback

The site includes only positive feedback.

NCM Signals customer reviews

On Trustpilot, we have a page of NCM Signals. The company has a 4.6 rate from 5 based on 62 reviews.

NCM Signals customer reviews

There is much negative feedback. This person noticed that there is a risky Grid and Martingale combo.

NCM Signals customer reviews

Others would like to see a higher frequency.

NCM Signals customer reviews

There are positive comments like these ones.

Other notes

NCM Signals customer reviews

The company strictly restricts the signals. They can be delivered only for IC Markets clients.

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