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Learn2Trade is a platform that includes various services like signals for Forex and Crypto, broker and other reviews, courses, and educational materials. The main statement says that Learn To Trade is the “World’s Best Forex Signal Provider. The world’s markets at our fingertips anytime, anywhere.” We’ve prepared this Learn2Trade review to make everything clear.

Learn2Trade presentation

Learn2Trade: To Trust or Not to Trust?

Without backtest reports and verified trading results we never recommend any trading service. The rest is up to your acceptable risks.


Learn2Trade fees
Learn2Trade price

The pricing hasn’t changed for the last half a year. The one-month subscription costs 35 GBP monthly. The 65 GBP costs a three-month subscription. The six-month subscription costs 95 GBP. There’s a pro account. Access to it costs 250 GBP. It’s an honest offer.

Learn2Trade -  account for free

We can receive Premium signals for free for one year. We have to complete a registration on a Long Horn broker and deposit it at the required minimum. For UK citizens, we have to register on Alvexo broker instead.

Learn2Trade - offer from a CedarFX broker

The main page featured the offer from a CedarFX broker. We have to deposit $100 on the real account to get these signals for free for a year.

The system generates the signals based on the common RSI indicator. Traders use it for spotting trends and overbought/oversold levels on the chart. There are many other indicators RSI, Stoch, CCI, etc used.

Learn2Trade chart
Learn2Trade - Fibonacci Retracement Levels
Learn2Trade - Support and Resistance levels
Learn2Trade - Bollinger Bands
Learn2Trade Moving Averages

The system uses Fibonacci Retracement Levels, Support and Resistance levels, Bollinger Bands, and Moving Averages to find trend-trading opportunities.

We’ve got some features grouped up in the list:

Learn2Trade Premium Signals service
  • The average signal frequency is 3-5 signals daily.
  • Signals can be traded on Forex, Indices, Commodities, Crypto, and other financial instruments.
  • We’ll receive access to the Telegram channel.
  • An average signals’ win-rate is 82%.
  • We can expect to get 30-40% of the monthly gain.
  • The system provides us with email and smartphone alerts.
Learn2Trade free Signals service
  • The free Telegram channel was deployed to deliver free signals.
  • The signal frequency is three signals a week.
  • We can use them without providing bank or personal information.
  • We are free to test them on a demo account.
  • The signals are provided for Forex major, minor, and exotic pairs.
Learn2Trade signals
  • The signals have the same format: Currency Pair, Trigger, Direction, Entry Price, Take Profit, and Stop Loss.
  • The system provides real-time notifications to support open trades.
  • There is daily technical analysis in the channel.
Learn2Trade - daily technical analysis in the channel
  • There’s a news feed with updates and trading ideas.

Verified Trading Results

The company doesn’t provide backtest reports. Probably, because they don’t have an EA and they are just another aggregation company that receives signals from analysts and traders.

Learn2Trade Verified Trading Results

From the channel, we know how free signals were traded.

Learn2Trade Verified Trading Results

There are some screenshots like this that prove nothing. We can’t be sure they are real. It means the owners don’t trade these signals on their accounts.

High Drawdowns

There’s no intel about drawdowns because no verified trading results were provided.

Vendor Transparency

Learn2Trade testimonials

The presentation includes some positive testimonials.

Learn2Trade - Telegram channel

The Telegram channel has 10400 followers, 437 photos and 1340 links.

Learn2Trade customer reviews

Learn2Trade has a Trustpilot page with a 3.8-star rate based on 138 reviews.

People feedback

From it, we have many negative comments:

Learn2Trade People feedback
Learn2Trade People feedback

There is a competition between positive and negative comments.

Learn2Trade People feedback

Some of them sound awkward.

Learn2Trade People feedback

This feedback provides us with the info that SL levels are much higher than TP ones.

Learn2Trade People feedback

As we can see, we have to avoid NASDAQ signals and placing signals at the Monday market opening.

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Jay June 30, 2021 - 12:21 pm

Signed up for monthly crypto signals. Monitored closely and found 60% loss on signals. Definitely not worth it.


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