Matalino Forex EA Review

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Matalino Forex EA

Matalino Forex EA is an all-new advisor that was designed to make profits on Forex. The system runs risky strategies that help it to ruin any trading account. 

Matalino Forex EA: To Trust or Not to Trust?

We are sure that not to trust is the best decision. The robot is a low win rate Martingale scam that ruined the account several days ago. 


The robot has a mediocre reputation with low features and settings explained:

  • The presentation starts with information about how scary the Forex market is. 
  • The developers insisted that the system is a way to get our personal financial freedom. 
Matalino Forex EA Features
  • It can execute orders automatically without a need for our intervention. 
  • We have no details about the strategies behind it explained. 
  • From trading results, we know that the system runs quite an aggressive Martingale on a low win rate basis. 
  • The system opens trades on two high volatile levels pairs EURUSD and GBPUSD. 
  • It executes orders on the M15 time frame. 
  • The system works only on the MT4 terminal. 
  • It uses the next indicators: Bollinger Bands, CCI, and others. 
  • The robot doesn’t require us to have previous trading experience. 
  • We can trade even on our home PC. 
  • We are free to use our broker or any broker house we want. 
  • It can decrease drawdowns. 
  • The RIO we can expect is 3:1. 
  • There’s email support provided. 
Matalino Forex EA price

The developers offer three packages for us: Silver, Platinum, and Gold. The Silver pack is available for $99 only. It includes real and demo MT4 licenses. The Gold pack costs $149. It includes two real and two demo account licenses. The Platinum pack is the most extended and costs $249. We have four real and demo account licenses. In addition, we have WhatsApp support. The developers provide a 30-day refund policy. 

Verified Trading Results

We have no backtest reports provided at all. It makes us worry about trading results and if the system was tested properly. 

Matalino Forex EA Trading Results

It’s how the account looked several days ago.  

Matalino Forex EA Trading Results

It’s how the account looks after $6000 wasted.

It’s a real USD account with the advisor running automatically. It was created on May 19, 2021. The deposit was $5000. The closed profit is -$5167. The free margin is -$5.67. 

Matalino Forex EA Trading Results

The total return is -101.4%. An average monthly return is -100%. The accuracy rate is 48.6%. The profit factor is 0.60. Everything less than 1 is a verified scam. An average trade frequency is 36.8 deals daily. There were -2851 pips gained. The robot has been working for 37 days. 

Matalino Forex EA Trading Results

The risk to Reward Ratio is -15.77. An average trade length is 2.3 hours. An average result is -$3.79. An average win is $12.01 when an average loss is -$18.96. 

Matalino Forex EA Trading Results

The robot works with EURUSD and GBPUSD. 

Matalino Forex EA Trading Results

The system trades directions equally at trading frequency. 

Matalino Forex EA Trading Results

There’s a single strategy to work with. 

Matalino Forex EA Trading Results

Monday is the less profitable day -$6733. 

Matalino Forex EA Trading Results

The advisor focuses on trading during the European Trading session. 

Matalino Forex EA Trading Results

The second month has become the last one. 

Matalino Forex EA Trading Results

There’s the same picture. 

Matalino Forex EA Trading Results

As we can see, Grid with Martingale is a one-way ticket on the accounts with less than 85% win rates. 

Vendor Transparency

The vendor has a medium level of transparency. We have trading results that show that the system is a scam. Why do we need the rest of the transparency? We’re good where we are. 

People Feedback

Matalino Forex EA People Feedback

We have a page of the company on Forex Peace Army created. There are no testimonials or rates. Most likely, no one bought it because the system is too young. Now, no one buys it because it’s a scam. 

Other Notes

It’s great that we can avoid it without any doubts about if it’s good to go or not. The answer is clear, and we paid nothing to know this.

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