HAS Forex Robot Review

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HAS Forex Robot Review

HAS Forex Robot is an expert advisor that belongs to the Forex Robot Trader company. They have a bad reputation based on the testimonials written on Forex Peace Army. The presentation lacks trading results. This doesn’t allow us to know how profitable the system is.

HAS Forex Robot: to trust or not to trust?

It’s difficult to trust this system. The core reason is that the developers avoided providing us with actual trading activities in which the system is involved.


The presentation includes various claims about the features and how we can use them to be profitable.

  • The advisor can open and close orders on our account without our actions.
  • It works on only one terminal–MT4.
  • The system uses the Heiken Ashi Smoothed indicator to measure MTF HAS Bar Lower A and MTF HAS Bar Lower B. 
  • This data allows building a tunnel of the price move.
  • The system shows this data as a red dot in the middle of a blue square or a blue dot in the middle of a red square.
  • If volatility changes, the robot informs us about this.
  • It lets us know how weak or strong the price movement is.
  • The body of the candle is calculated from the open and the close price and the wick is calculated off of the high and the low of price.
  • If the market is volatile, the HAS candle receives a higher body.
  • The higher the wick and shorter the body the more likely to see a change in direction of the market.
  • So, every time frame has proper structure.
  • We know that the higher time frames rule the lower ones.
  • If the trend was created on the higher time frame, it would be great to place an order on a lower one.
  • The system was tested on 50 and 100-day trends.
  • Every time frame has its own unique levels of support and resistance.
  • Fibonacci ratios and the principles of Gann help to calculate price levels and profit targets.


The system is available for $49.00 with a 75% discount. The original price was $199. We don’t know for sure what features the package includes. Owners don’t provide us with a relevant refund policy.

Verified trading results

The presentation doesn’t provide us with a trustworthy backtest report. Every developer backtests its trading solution to understand if it’s profitable. So, the final report just has to show us that everything is right and we have to fear nothing.

HAS Forex Robot statistics.

The devs provide monthly reports for HAS Forex Robot. Unfortunately, this data isn’t verified. Also, we have noted that the number of the account lacks several numbers. This means it’s not a real one. Robot developers publish trading results on sites that provide verification of trading data such as Myfxbook or FXBlue.

HAS Forex Robot statistics.

We have $6,129,430 on the balance. The maximal drawdown is 0 because no orders were lost in March 2022. The gross profit is $58,362. There were 397 deals traded with 100% of the win rate for the shorts direction. The long direction is not traded at all.

Vendor transparency

Forex Robot Trader’s profile on Forex Peace Army.

The company has its profile on Forex Peace Army. There are 271 reviews that formed a 2.251 rate.

Customer testimonials on Forex Peace Army.

There are plenty of people who don’t like the quality of the company’s advisors.

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