Golden Coup EA Review

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Golden Coup EA

Golden Coup EA comes is compatible with all currency pairs and indices on the H1 timeframe.  According to the vendor, the expert advisor is not broker-sensitive and can generate 30-200% a month while having a drawdown value below 30%. The developer emphasizes using a VPS connection to avail the best performance while trading. The product doesn’t come with a refund policy. Our detailed review will discuss the robot’s functionality, credibility, and profitability by analyzing the critical aspects in real market scenarios. 

Golden Coup EA: to trust or not to trust?

Golden Coup EA uses the self-adaptive market algorithm using action patterns and trading indicators. The strategy doesn’t involve a risky approach such as martingale, grid, or scalping/hedging. The robot also uses money-management with fixed stop loss and take profit. However, the high drawdown value and short trading duration are major red flags to consider before any investment.


The EA has the following features:

  • It is a 100% automated trading solution.
  • Compatibility with ECN brokers.
  • The expert adviser uses H1 charts to place trades.
  • It comes with money-management features.
  • The system works on all pairs of currencies (recommended XAUUSD).
  • It’s easy to install and run.
  • The robot doesn’t use risky strategies in the game plan. 

To go ahead with this system, follow the following steps:

  1. Purchase the robot from the MQL5 website
  2. Download the expert advisor on your computer
  3. Open MetaTrader (MT5) platform and place the algorithm in the experts’ section
  4. Drag the robot onto the chart section
  5. Enable auto-trading

The developer doesn’t provide any information on the strategy other than the fact that it avoids martingale and grid. We only have access to the history on MQL 5 where the algorithm trades on gold. It uses a trailing stop loss to secure profits once the trade enters in the positive.

Trading history from MQL5.


Golden Coup EA comes with lifetime access for $750 and a yearly rental option for $699. The vendor offers a free demo account to test the robot and check its performance on historical data. Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Union, etc., are the available modes of payment. The developer doesn’t claim any moneyback guarantee or proper detail about the post-purchase features. 

Pricing of the EA on the MQL5.

Trading results

The author failed to provide a proper backtesting report of the robot. However, a few snapshots of some unknown currency pair is available on the MQL5. The total net profit was $20941923.23 and an initial deposit of $1000. The relative drawdown of the system stood at 27.59%, with a profit factor of 4.37. The system participated in 2901 trades, out of which 2746 were winners. 

Backtesting stats.

Unverified live trading records are available on MQL5, showing that the developer deposited an initial $500. The algorithm placed its first execution on 2022.04.08, has been live for 14 days, and is trading with a profit factor of 1756.06. It has participated in 19  trades with a winning percentage of 94.73% and a loss of 5.26%. The account is a newly opened account which is not enough to analyze the true performance of the expert advisor. 

Live records from MQL5.

The bot stands at monthly growth of 64% and a recovery factor of 1764.06.  The account’s equity stands at $817.53, and the system made a profit of only $317.53. The ratio of growth in such a short interval exhibits a high risky approach by the EA. 

Live records from MQL5.

High drawdown

The live record shows that the drawdown of the Golden Coup EA is almost 78.7%. The graph shows fluctuation in a short period and contradicts the vendor’s claims. 

Drawdown chart from MQL5.

Vendor transparency

Golden Coup EA is listed for sale by a person named Roman Erokhin. He is from Russia and has 12 signals and eight products for the traders to be purchased. The developer seems shy in sharing information about his whereabouts, personal information, and certifications to prove his expertise in the Forex market. 

Profile of developer on MQL5.

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