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EA Monolith

EA Monolith is a trading advisor that can be found on the MQL5 market. The system was downloaded 539 times for demo usage and executing backtests. The developer is Vasiliy Kolesov. The publishing date is October 21, 2019. It was almost two years ago. The last update was on January 09, 2021. 

EA Monolith: to trust or not to trust?

Trading results show that the system is insanely dangerous. We can note 100% drawdowns. They are impossibly high. The system was for closing orders by reaching Stop Out levels. 

Vendor transparency

The dev’s portfolio on MQL 5.

The portfolio includes eleven advisors. 

Developer’s profile.

The dev is from Russia and has a 3314 rate. His products have a 4 rate based on 12 testimonials. 


The presentation doesn’t explain all available features for us. We had to guess much to be sure that we explained everything. 

  • EA monolith is a fully automatic, multi-currency Expert Advisor designed for trading on the Forex market. 
  • It works on the MT5 terminal only. 
  • The last update takes into account two years of performance and solves issues that were found. 
  • It can work on small or big accounts or cent accounts. 
  • It opens and closes orders on the terminal automatically for us. 
  • The system calculates lot sizes for us automatically as well. 
  • “The EA can work on any number of currency pairs at the same time.”
  • It can help us with picking the best broker. 
  • It is optimized for netting accounts. 
  • The advisor can work from a single time frame with all symbols.
  • The minimum Deposit for aggressive settings is $5000, and $10,000 for conservative. 
EA Monolith pricing.

The advisor can be bought for $1,700. It’s an absolutely insane price. We can also download the system for demo usage. Unfortunately, there are no rental options provided. 

The presentation doesn’t include backtest reports. It’s weird because the system had to be tested. It looks suspicious that the devs didn’t want to share those reports with us.

Verified trading results

EA Monolith trading results.

The trading results it’s an important part of proving that the system can work stable and safely on our account. The advisor works on a real account on Forex Chief with 1:400 leverage on the MT5 platform. The account has a verified track record. It was created on September 15, 2020. Since then, the absolute gain has become 126.18%. An average monthly profit is 6.89%. The maximum drawdown was 100.00%.

EA Monolith statistics.

The robot has closed 844 orders with 15,628 pips. An average win is 19.22 pips when an average loss is 10.63 pips. The win rate is 97% for longs and 98% for shorts. An average trade length is over 12 hours. The profit factor is 1.44 only. 

EA Monolith pairs and directions.

The advisor works with 8 cross pairs, focusing on trading GBPUSD (329 orders and 6023.4 pips). 

EA Monolith hourly activities.

Most of the orders are opened during European trading hours. 

EA Monolith daily activities.

Monday, as it should be, is the less traded day. 

Table with high trading risks.

The advisor works with insanely high risks. In case of one single loss, 10% of the account balance will be lost. 

Closed orders.

The developer decided to hide lot sizes from us. 

Monthly profits.

The advisor started trading with much less profit than it was in June or July 2021. 

People feedback

Customer testimonials.

We have some positive testimonials written. A person mentioned there was a $399 price. 

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