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V12 Trading

V12 Trading is a Forex signal provider that promises more than 3500 monthly pips. The vendor claims that members of V12 Trading are among the top 5% of traders who are able to make profits consistently in the Forex market. This is quite a big claim, but we cannot go by the words of the vendor, and to objectively assess the system’s profitability and efficiency, we must look into each and every factor that Forex traders consider vital.

V12 Trading presentation

V12 Trading: To Trust or Not to Trust?

On the official website’s home page, we find a brief presentation of the advantages offered by the Forex robot, along with links to Instagram and Telegram. There are separate sections for pricing plans and user reviews, along with a “how it works” section detailing the steps you need to follow to start trading with the system. 

Plus, there is no information provided about the company, i.e. where it’s located, who the founder is, etc. We don’t know who the developers of this system are or if they have any experience in developing Forex signal providers. Serious Forex traders don’t want to invest in a system built by inexperienced individuals, and the lack of vendor transparency will no doubt come as a disappointment to them.

Our first impression tells us that the vendor is desperate to sell their product, and has highlighted the fact that it has a high success rate, without supplying us with adequate information. Thus, it does not look like a trustworthy system to us.


V12 Trading pricing

V12 Trading sends Forex trading signals to its users via a special telegram channel. Here, you will also find past reports detailing the trading performance of the system. It has three different pricing plans for 1 month, 3 months, and 12 months duration, and these cost 49 Euros, 119 Euros, and 349 Euros, respectively.

With all these plans, you get full access to the VIP Telegram channel, a success rate of 88%, 3000-7000 monthly pips, 4-12 daily signals, etc. Additionally, you can access the V12 trading strategy and risk management settings. There is no mention of a money-back guarantee, which is somewhat disappointing.

After you’ve downloaded Telegram, the vendor recommends signing up with the BDSwiss broker, since it is compatible with the signals and offers the best trading conditions. The minimum recommended deposit is 250 Euros, and the leverage is 1:400. 

V12 Trading employs a pip locking strategy for earning profits, where the stop loss is shifted as the trade advances. Hence, when the first take profit is reached, the stop loss is moved to the entry price. So, if the market price retraces back to break-even after reaching the first take profit, you can still make some profit. 

The vendor claims that most trades go beyond the first take profit and that the trader can choose to exit a trade if they wished to. Now, we don’t consider this a clear explanation of the trading strategy, since there is nothing mentioned about the indicators that are used, or how profitable trading opportunities are identified.

For support, you can send an email to the address provided on the webpage, or drop a message in the official Telegram group. There is also a phone number that you can dial to immediately get in touch with the service team.

Trading Performance Data

V12 Trading does not share its live trading result on the official website, and we suspect it is something that is shared only with the members. Now, verified live trading results are the bare minimum that every Forex trader looks for, and without it, they simply can’t trust a system. They tell us about important performance parameters based on which we can gauge the system’s profitability.

Without live trading results, we simply cannot consider investing in this Forex signal provider. In fact, there is nothing provided by the vendor that reveals the system’s performance. This is truly disappointing, and if V12 Trading wants to be taken seriously, it must furnish these results in the future.

Customer Reviews

We could not find any V12 Trading review on third-party review websites. Of course, this hardly comes as a surprise, since most people wouldn’t consider investing in a system that shows no proof of its great performance and that chooses to hide information about itself.

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