TJ10X Forex Indicator Review

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TJ10X Forex Indicator

TJ10X Forex Indicator from Sinry Advice boasts the Trend Power setting that helps identify the strength of a signal. As per the vendor, this system works on all currency pairs and on all timeframes. The vendor claims that this indicator can train you to become a professional trader by helping you understand charts and react effectively. 

TJ10X Forex Indicator: to trust or not to trust?

Our review of this FX trading tool includes a detailed evaluation of the features, the trading approach, performance, and other characteristics of this system. From our initial overview of the FX trading tool, we find that this is not a trustworthy indicator. 

While the vendor claims that it can provide 82% accurate signals, there is no proof provided and we do not see backtests that help to understand the strategy used. The lack of transparency related to the performance makes us suspect the reliability of this system. Let us first look at the important features this indicator claims to possess.


Features of TJ10X Forex Indicator.

Some of the significant features that this indicator claims to have include 

  • Five trading strategies
  • Compatible with all currency pairs and timeframes
  • 82% accuracy in signals
  • Video tutorial 
  • Non-repaint system
  • Sound alerts
  • One-time payment

Installation of this MT4 tool is a simple process as per the vendor. You need to complete the purchase and download the file. After sending your MT4 account credentials to the vendor, you will receive the license key with which you can operate the system. 

The price of this indicator is $59, which is cheap compared to the price of other competitor systems in the market. However, there is no mention of the specifications of the product and the presence of a money-back guarantee. After going through the various characteristics of this indicator, we find that there are certain factors that confirm our suspicions that this is not a reliable product. Here is a list of the factors and their explanation

  • Unverified trading results
  • Insufficient strategy explanation
  • Vendor transparency
  • Lack of user reviews

Unverified trading results 

Trading charts of TJ10X Forex Indicator.

A few live trading charts for this indicator are shown on the official site. Unfortunately, these are not verified results. We prefer trading results verified by sites like myfxbook, FXBlue, FXStat, etc. as these provide plenty of details about the trading approach and performance. With the trading chart provided by the vendor, we could not find the info such as the deposit, profit, profit factor, drawdown, lot size, and more. This lack of a proven track record raises a red flag.

Insufficient strategy explanation

The strategies used by TJ10X Forex Indicator.

There are five strategies present in this system from which you can choose an approach you find suitable. The approaches present include Tick Trend, Trend, Swing, Fast Scalper, and Scalping. Besides mentioning the name of the approaches, the vendor does not provide any other info on how the approaches help in boosting performance and profits. This lack of info further confirms our suspicion that this is not a reliable system.

Vendor transparency

SinryAdvice is the company behind the development of this indicator. It is headquartered in Malaysia and comprises 18 employees spread over its offices in India, Turkey, and the United Kingdom. The company lists legitimate results and transparency as its chief goals. But the company fails to provide proof of its performance. The absence of backtests and verified real trading results makes us suspect the transparency of the vendor. For customer support, the company provides a location address, phone number, social media links, and email address. 

Lack of user reviews

While the vendor provides user testimonials on the official site, the chances of the reviews being manipulated are high. We could not find user feedback for this system on reputed sites like Forexpeacearmy, Trustpilot, etc. Reviews from such sites reveal important details of the product like its performance, support, and other important factors in an unbiased manner. The absence of feedback reveals this is not a popular product among the trading community.

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