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Tip Toe Hippo

Tip Toe Hippo is a direct automatic trade copying system. The vendor boasts the system is easy to use with a hassle-free installation process and good support. A 24/7 market monitoring is used for the trades and market movements are capitalized on to make profitable trades. As per the vendor, the company’s account is verified and the company trusts its systems on an account with a balance of $30,000 and more.

Tip Toe Hippo: to trust or not to trust?

On evaluating the features, functionality, strategy, and performance of this service we find that it is not a trustworthy system. While the vendor provides verified trading performance, the inadequate strategy explanation, lack of backtests, and big lot sizes make us suspect the reliability. Let us look at the features of this copy trading service before we further evaluate the various aspects of the company.


Features of Tip Toe Hippo.

As per the vendor, the company helps traders with its easy, safe, and profitable system. Some of the features that the vendor claims make this service competitive include a defined risk for all the trades making way for a safe investment and 24 hours monitoring of the market to profit from the favorable price movements. 

A minimum starting balance of $1000 is required but the vendor recommends better profits will be possible with a balance of $5000 and above based on the default risk level. There is no mention of the strategy used by the service which makes us suspect the reliability of the system. 

Pricing packages of Tip Toe Hippo.

For using the service, you have three subscription packages. The monthly package costs $50 and the quarterly package is available at $100. For the annual package, you need to pay $250. Instant access, continued support, and direct automatic trading are the features included in the packages.  A 30-day money-back assurance is provided with the packages.

After analyzing the features, here are the main factors we have identified that influence our recommendation of the trustworthiness of this copy trading firm:

  • Lack of strategy disclosure.
  • Verified trading results show a risky approach.
  • Vendor transparency.

Below we have discussed each of the above factors that make this system an untrustworthy copy trading service.

Lack of strategy disclosure

Regarding the trading approach, the vendor mentions that all trades are decided based on a mathematical calculation of risk-taking into account historical performance and market checks. While the strategies used are not mentioned, the vendor states that the grid and Martingale strategies are dangerous and are not used by the company. The lack of strategy explanation raises a red flag.

Verified trading results show a risky approach

A real USD account using the Global Prime broker and the leverage of 1:200 on the MT4 platform verified by the myfxbook site is shown here.

Growth curve of Tip Toe Hippo account.
Advanced trading stats of Tip Toe Hippo.

From the trading stats, we find that the total profit is 30.17% and the absolute profit is 19.03%. A daily and monthly profit of 0.19% and 5.88% are present for the account. The drawdown is 5.87%. for a deposit of $27,660 and withdrawal of $54.04, the account started in May 2021 has completed 172 trades with a profitability of 52% and a profit factor of 1.63. 

The trading history reveals varying lot sizes starting from 0.90 up to 123. From the results, we can see that the profit is very low and the lot size used is high and varied. Further, there is a difference in value between the total and absolute profits. These discrepancies indicate the approach used is risky resulting in a below-average performance.

Vendor transparency

We could not find info on the developer or the team involved in creating this service. There is no location address, founding year details, phone number, and other relevant info. For support, an online contact form is present. A live chat and messaging via Discord are the other options present. There is very minimal info disclosed about the service, the company, and other related info. The lack of vendor transparency raises a red flag for this company.

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