R0B0.1 Review

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R0B0.1 Review

The R0B0.1 robot has a weird presentation. For us, it’s clear that it was done for twenty minutes or so because the developer said nothing about the system he sells. The motto is the “New Way Of Trading.”

R0B0.1 presentation

R0B0.1: To Trust or Not to Trust?

Absolutely not. The robot is a scam. The developer has to provide more information to convince us of the opposite. He even didn’t bother to create a demo account and set the system there. It’s a fraud behavior.


The presentation looks cut and unprofessional. It was a challenge for us to provide all the required intel:

R0B0.1 Features
  • The mission is to share a robot that will be affordable and stable at the same time.
  • The system runs charts automatically without a need for human interaction. 
  • Automatic trading allows putting emotional background aside from trading.
  • The system is designed around ten indicators.
  • We have no intel about which ones. If ten ones, then it can be a Price Action or something around Support/Resistance Levels, or even Trend trading.
R0B0.1. The system can manage much more data than any human can.
  • The system can manage much more data than any human can.
R0B0.1. The system can trade with 28 currency pairs.
  • The system can trade with 28 currency pairs. It’s all available symbols on the MT4 terminal for many brokers.
  • The account balance has to be over $250 to start trading with the minimum Lot Sizes.
  • The robot can be used only on the MT4 terminal.
  • The accuracy is 90%, according to the developer’s claim. It’s unproven and most likely a lie.
  • The system works 24/7 without relaxing.
  • There’s no information about the strategy. It’s a bad sign because there can be Grid + Martingale on the board.
  • If the onsite video is correct, the system works on the H1 time frame.
  • The backtest shows that the system was tested on the USD/JPY symbol. We don’t know if the other backtests were performed on the other currency pairs.
R0B0.1 price

R0B0.1 is available for $147 for a copy of a lifetime real-account license. The original price was $297. There are two subscriptions available: one-month and three-month. The one-month subscription costs $37, when the three-month subscription – $67. 

R0B0.1 refund policy

It’s a weird refund policy text. “Receiving item,” “Item must be in the same condition,” and so on. We’re not sure we can truly rely on the 30-day money-back guarantee.

R0B0.1 payment

The checkout is only available through the site. We have to share all our private data, but we don’t know if they keep it safe.

Unverified Trading Results

R0B0.1 Backtest

The strategy report is a poor-quality screenshot. It’s a huge disrespect to potential clients.

It’s a USD/JPY report on the H1 time frame. The modeling quality was 27.34%. It’s a scam level. The test should have 90.00% or higher. An initial deposit was $1000. The total net profit was around $2338. The Profit Factor was 55.83 or so. The maximum drawdown was 3.12%. The robot closed 21 trades. The win-rate was 95.24% for Shorts. The Longs direction wasn’t tested or traded at all.

There were no verified trading results provided. So, we have no idea what symbol is better. We know nothing about the level or drawdown, win-rate, profit factor, direction, and much other information that should convince us that the robot is good to go.

No Drawdowns

We have no trading results published. It means there’s no drawdown report for us.

Vendor Transparency

The company has no transparency at all. We don’t know:

  • the developer;
  • settings;
  • strategy details;
  • how the backtest and trading results look like;
  • if the refund policy is a truth;
  • if it worked well on people’s accounts;
  • etc.

People feedback

The presentation doesn’t include customer testimonials. Most likely, it’s because the developer didn’t even spend time creating fake comments. At the same time, there are no reviews on Forex Peace Army and Trustpilot. 

Other notes

This system is 100% a scam. The developer is not a professional EA designer for sure. We have neither links on trading results nor on the developer’s profile on MQL5 or Facebook.

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