Grid King Robot Review

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Grid King Robot

Grid King is a trading solution that will execute orders on a terminal for us. The system is available in both MT4 and MT5 versions, both selling on the MQL5 market. It looks like the presentation isn’t informative and professional at all. Although the vendor claims that Grid Kind is “a revolution in grid trading”, we are not sure of its reliability. The Grid of orders is a risky strategy that is not very welcome. Nevertheless, let’s check everything up to make an informative and well-grounded investment decision.

Grid King: to trust or not to trust?

Trusting a Grid-based robot with unpredictable results is a huge mistake. The strategy can easily blow an account within a day. 


We have united everything we know about the system in the following list:

  • We can work on the MT4/5 terminal. 
  • The system can be bought for $390. 
  • The price will be increased to $790. 
  • It executes a Grid of orders risky strategy. 
  • We can trade as many symbols as we want. 
  • It has a recovery mode that can make profits after losses. 
  • We don’t know if it’s Martingale. 
  • The data period is 18 years. 
  • We can trade 29 cross pairs. 
  • IC Markets is a good broker to give it a try. 
  • 4xhosting can be used as a VPS provider. 
  • “The EA uses a unique Spread Equalizer Algorithm (S.E.A.), which dramatically decreases the impact of spread and slippage on the stability.”
  • “Volatility breakout strategy, where the EA will trade in the direction of strong price movements.”
  • “Return to Mean strategy, where the EA will exploit the fact that price always returns to the mean.”
  • We have to work only on a hedge account. 
  • The deposit requirements are $100.
  • If we want to work on the Standard account we have to have $3000 on it. 
  • It can work with any spreads, commissions, or account types. 
  • We should work with it on high-speed accounts. 
  • The robot works with the same magic number on all cross pairs. 
  • We have “One of a kind S.E.A. (Spread Equalizer Algorithm), which greatly improves stability for bigger spreads and slippages.”
  • The main time frame to work is H1. 
  • The leverage can be set at 1:300. 
  • The trading activities should be started on a demo account.
  • They “recommended to run on accounts nominated in EUR or USD for the best performance of the AutoSafety feature.”


The robot can be bought for $390. The rental options are: $199 for three months, $249 for six months, and $299 for a year. We can check settings and make some backtests, using a demo copy of the system. 

Verified trading results

Grid King backtest report.

The presentation includes a backtest report of the robot based on eleven pairs, using tick data from 2016 to 2019 years. The initial deposit was $3000. The modeling quality was 98%. The total net profit has become $687,906. The risk was set as medium. The maximum drawdown was 6.65%. We have a profit factor at 2.81 when the recovery factor was 13.77. Grid King has executed 7599 deals with 64% accuracy for Shorts and 66% for Longs. 

Grid King trading results.

 Grid King executes orders on a real InfinoxUK broker with 1:300 leverage. The maximum drawdown is 36.7%. The maximal deposit load is 12.5%. The accuracy is less than average, 61.4%. The system has been running for 116 weeks in a row. An initial deposit was €10,363. The absolute growth has become 46.93%. The chart shows that the system is dangerous.

Grid King details.

An average trade frequency is 75 deals weekly. The system keeps deals on the market for three days. 

Grid King growth chart.

We may note that the system has lost many months. 

Grid King closed orders.

It works not only with deep stop losses but also with Martingale. 

Grid King trading details.

The robot has closed 11,429 deals. The best trade is €1895 when the worst trade is €1827. The recovery factor is 1.11. The profit factor is 1.10. The system is almost a scam. An average winning trade is €7.87 when an average loss is €11.41. 

Grid King currency pairs.

AUDCAD is still ahead with 814 orders. 

High drawdowns

Grid King drawdowns.

The system works with insane and long-term drawdowns.

Vendor transparency

The dev’s profile.

Wim Schrynemakers is a developer from Malta with a 44,952 rate. There are 21 products in the portfolio. They have a 3.9 rate based on 456 reviews. 

Customer testimonials.

The system has negative comments and we are not surprised at all. 

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