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AspexFX is an expert advisor that works with real money on the market. The presentation could have been written better if the devs wanted to convince us that the system is good to go. So, we decided to check everything out and be sure that the robot is safe or not safe for running on clients’ real accounts.

AspexFX: to trust or not to trust?

We don’t know for sure. The advisor trades completely wild and many conservative traders may not like how the system behaves on the market.


We have some details, settings, and features explained about how the system is going to be profitable and work safely on the market. 

  • Any owner can expect that the system will work automatically on their terminals. So, no extra effort is needed.
  • The only terminal to trade on is MT4.
  • We can set it up easily.
  • The system focuses on following trends on the market
  • It allows us also to customize settings to fitr our trading style.
  • There’s money management that helps us with managing SL and TP levels, and calculates lot sizes.
  • It works only with available margin. 
  • We can expect that the win rate can be as high as 90-95%.
  • The suggested time frame is H4.
  • Anyway, we can work with any time frame.
  • We can work with various symbols.
  • The most used ones are GBPUSD and GBPJPY. 
  • The system runs with low risks, high profits.
  • It works consistently.
  • They have been working since 2017.
  • So, the owners had to have the proper experience. 


We have two prices of how the system can be purchased. The first pack is available for $499 for a single real account copy. We’d like to note that this offer is twice overpriced compared with the similar solutions that were released on the MQL5. The ultimate package costs $899 and includes two accounts. We don’t know if the system will be supported with a refund policy.

Verified trading results

We’d like to note that the presentation isn’t featured by the backtest reports. It’s a huge con because we have no idea how the system worked on the real tick data received from a broker. The broker name is important either to be sure that the advisor caan work with it in the best possible way.

AspexFX trading results on MQL5.

There are three links on the MQL5-verified accounts. The advisor opens orders on a well-deposited account that was funded at $24,201. The broker is a rarely used broker house – SuperForex. We know no one who uses it. The leverage is common – 1:500. It works with deep drawdowns, -93.5%. The maximum deposit load is dangerously high, 749.1%. It has accuracy at 81.9%. The MQL5 site marked those signals as low reliability. The account has been working for 17 weeks. 

AspexFX growth chart.

The system has lost -60.27% in January 2022.

AspexFX closed orders.
AspexFX closed orders.

The advisor has acted aggressively and was punished by the market, having lost over $20,000 at once.

AspexFX trading details.

The advisor has executed 447 deals. The best trade is $4531 when the worst trade is -$26850. The range between them is insane. The recovery factor is 0.12 when the profit factor is 1.09. We can expect that the system will lose 60.86% monthly if it keeps working like that.

AspexFX distribution.

GBPUSD is the most actively traded pair with 230 delas closed. The directions are mostly traded equally. 

High drawdowns

AspexFX drawdowns.

The advisor trades with high and consistent periods of drawdowns.

Vendor transparency

A page of AspexFX FPA on Forex Peace Army.

There’s a page created on Forex Peace Army by the company. We can find four accounts connected where three of them were stopped and two of them were blown. It doesn’t seem to be professional.

Customer testimonial on Forex Peace Army.

The single negative testimonial mentioned that the system couldn’t be profitable for a client.

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