Advanced Fibo Levels Review

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Advanced Fibo Levels

Advanced Fibo Levels is an automated trading system that works on the M15 timeframe. It comes with a free indicator, which it uses to mark the entry points of a trade. The vendor indicates that it has been tested since 2016 but doesn’t present the backtest results that illustrate its performance. 

Advanced Fibo Levels: to trust or not to trust?

The vendor hasn’t included verified trading stats for this system. Also, the available results indicate that the system has been trading for a short period, and the generated drawdown is still small. In essence, these are the factors we think you need to consider before you rush to purchase this tool.  


Here are the features of the robot:

  • It supports 4 main currency pairs; EURUSD, XAUUSD, GBPUSD, and BTCUSD.
  • The minimum recommended deposit is $150.
  • The system runs on the MT4 and MT5 terminals.
  • It’s not sensitive to spread and slippage.
  • It is compatible with any broker.

Advanced Fibo Levels is presently available at $199. As per the vendor, only 3 copies out of ten are left at this price. Once they are out of stock, the price will revert to $249. There are no other package options or a money-back guarantee included. 

The robot’s price on MQL5.

The vendor says that Advanced Fibo Levels is a Fibonacci system, which has been designed to work with the most popular automated Fibonacci strategy. The approach applies the “golden ratio” to ascertain when to enter and exit the market. An Advanced Fibo Levels indicator, which comes with this EA, is used to mark entry points. 

Backtest results

As aforementioned, the vendor hasn’t posted the backtest data for this robot. For that reason, it’s not possible to gauge its trading risks and profitability over a long period. 

Trading results

We have unverified live trading records presented. 

Live trading data on MQL5.

After trading on this account for 8 days, the robot has obtained a profit of $31.62. The profitability rate of the 15 executed trades is 66.7%. These outcomes indicate that the system is a low-income earner. The average holding time for a trade is 2 days. 

Trading performance of the robot on MQL5.

The best trade has made a profit of $17.06 for the account, but the worst one has generated a loss of -$5.18. The monthly growth is 6.32%, while the profit factor is 3.70. Till now, the maximum consecutive wins made are 4, and the maximum consecutive losses are 2. We have an average profit of $4.33 and an average loss of -$2.34. 

Performance of currencies.

The AUDNZD is the most active currency pair, with 7 finalized orders. A gross profit of $15 has been made using the AUDCAD pair, making it the most lucrative symbol so far.  

Low drawdown

The account has a maximum drawdown of 10.9%. This shows us that the EA hasn’t presented many risks to the account yet. Monitoring the account for a longer period is recommended. This will help you to see if the robot can keep the drawdown low or it will increase further. 

Vendor transparency

Ho Tuan Thang is the developer of this system. He is from Vietnam and has developed a number of tools for this market. We have Advanced Hedge, Advanced Bollinger bands, Advanced Fibo Levels Indicator, and Advanced Gold Trading. 

User reviews

We found six reviews for this EA on MQL5. Five of the reviews are positive. These clients claim that the system is very good, generates profits, and the tests look promising. However, the only disgruntled trader (whose review is written in Spanish) warns that you can lose your money with this robot. This can be attributed to its endless grip. So, you have to use it with care and control.

User reviews on MQL5.

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