Superalgos Review: Is It a Good Crypto Bot for 2022?

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Superalgos Review: Is It a Good Crypto Bot for 2022?

Superalgos is a multi-exchange crypto trading platform that allows traders to trade on Bitcoin and all altcoins. It can work on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and other operating systems. Advanced backtesting is available with multiple customized parameters that can be configured accordingly. Let us go through all the vital features of the platform, such as its supported exchanges, security, performance, etc., to understand its benefits and demerits.

Superalgos Review: Is It a Good Crypto Bot for 2022?

How does Superalgos function?

Superalgos uses data mining and visualizations to fetch data from crypto exchanges and build up multiple advanced indicators. The strategy designer then filters the unwanted products within the code and backtests it. Finally, the algorithm is then run on a live portfolio with a coordinated dashboard to scale up your operations.

Superalgos review–positive aspects

  • Deep learning strategy development
  • The platform is open source

Superalgos review–negative aspects

  • It can be complex for beginners
  • There is little to no information on developers
  • The website is not clear on its security, and there are no customer reviews on the forums

Time in business

There is no infomration present on the initital lauch date of Superalgos. The developers Luis Molina, Julian Molina, and Andreja Cobeljic are unwilling to share details on their market experience and whereabouts. 

Developers names.

Based on the open-source code insights on GitHub, we can say that the platform has been live since April 2018.

GitHub insights.


The company has a telegram page hosting a community of over 1500 members as of now. There are also channels on other platforms such as Discord and Reddit.

Supported exchanges

The Superalgos supports AscendEX, Binance,, IDEX, OKX, Waves, FTX, Bitvavo, Bitmex, Bittrex, etc., as major cryptocurrency exchanges.

Supported exchanges at Superalgos.

UI of Superalgos

The user interface of Superalgos is a bit hard to understand for complete beginners in the financial markets. It is only available in English. 

Key features of Superalgos

The critical aspects of a Superalgos include:

  • A complex mechanism to generate profitable strategies to beat the markets in the long term
  • Backtesting while keeping overfitting in check to avoid improper results
  • Open-source platform with free support from the community
  • Login-free experience. There is no need for personal emails and passwords

How to get started on Superalgos?

Traders can start using the platform in the following steps:

  1. Install Node.JS, Git, and Chrome and get your personal access token
  2. Install the Node dependencies and community plugins
  3. Run the application and use it as per the requirements

To connect to their exchange, traders have to use API keys.

How secure is Superalgos?

API keys are used to bring data into the workflow and connect to your exchanges. The platform is not transparent if it has withdrawal rights to your balance at the broker.

Customer support

Traders can contact the developers by filling out a form on the website. There is also a community available on Telegram to share your thoughts.

Telegram community.

Are traders happy with Superalgos?

There are no customer reviews present on noted platforms such as Trustpilot or other community forums. 

Pricing and fees

The platform is available for free to use. Traders can download the source code on the GitHub website.

Is a free trial available?

As the platform is open source, traders can use it for free. There is no need for a free trial.

Languages supported

The website is only available in English as of now. Traders from different nationalities can face difficulties in understanding its functionality.

What kinds of traders is Superalgos best suited for?

The complex nature of the platform requires traders with deep market and developing experience to operate it. Beginners can face difficulties during installation and trading.

Company information

As mentioned above, the company is unwilling to give details on its location and whereabouts. This is a poor approach from the developers.

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