Bitbot Review: Is It a Good Cryptobot for 2022?

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Bitbot Review: Is It a Good Cryptobot for 2022?

Bitbot is an automated trading system claimed to have implemented a series of micro-transactions, generating $5 in profit after going live for 2 minutes only. This outcome is what convinced the team behind it about the viability of the strategy on board. We will see in this review what the bot really offers and if it includes any promises. 

How does Bitbot function? 

Bitbot scours the trades within the crypto currency space, assesses them, and initiates buy/sell orders within milliseconds. As a result, it can complete millions of trades in a very short period of time. It also incorporates an AI system to ensure it remains competitive over time in this dynamic market. 

Bitbot reviewpositive aspects

  • Vendor is revealed
  • Performs millions of trades within seconds
  • Has an inbuilt AI system

Bitbot reviewnegative aspects

  • No pricing details
  • Lack of customer reviews
  • No info on supported exchanges
  • Doesn’t have a proven track record

Time in business

The presentation highlights the various development phases of the software but does not include any timelines. So, we cannot tell exactly how long the bot has been in business. 


Bitbot was created out of the need to leverage certain persistent inadequacies in the market. The developers thus created a strategy that focused on identifying opportunities from these gaps and then taking advantage of them. So, they have automated the efficient discovery, assessment, and implementation of trades through this bot.  

Supported exchanges

The vendor doesn’t mention which crypto exchanges Bitbot works with. This is sad because traders may never get to know which exchange platforms are best for this system. 

UI of the Bitbot

The user interface generally looks okay. However, as we assessed the content, we realized that the team has used some technical terms that may confuse newbies. We also noted that there are no guidelines showing traders how to use the bot. 

Key features of Bitbot

Here is a summary of the main features of the bot:

  • It engages in high-frequency trading
  • Takes advantage of certain recurring market inefficiencies
  • Trades using API keys
  • Has an inbuilt machine learning/AI system
  • Handles six-figure portfolios on the low end
  • Is built upon these technologies: Ruby, Rabbit MQ, Postgres, Java 8, Ruby on Rails, and Docker

How to get started on Bitbot

We don’t know what processes you need to follow to get started with this bot. This info is not provided. So, you may have to get in touch with the support team to find out how you can access the system. 

How secure is Bitbot?

As an automated crypto trading system, Bitbot is designed to interact with your exchange using API keys. Therefore, it cannot access your assets or even withdraw them. The devs don’t tell us what extra measures they have taken to enhance the security of the product, though. 

Customer support 

Customer support is provided through a live chat and email only. 

Are traders happy with Bitbot?

The platform has zero customer feedback. For this reason, we have no clue how it manages traders’ accounts. 

Pricing and fees

The cost of this product is not disclosed. This info is conspicuously missing from the presentation. This greatly inconveniences traders who may be interested in using the tool, as they wouldn’t know where to start. 

Is a free trial available?

We are not sure because, as mentioned earlier, the vendor doesn’t include the pricing details of this tool. 

Languages supported

Bitbot works with the English language. No other languages are supported as of now. 

What kind of traders is Bitbot best suited for?

The system might be appropriate for traders who want to overcome the limitations of the manual approach and trade faster. It can implement millions of trades and scan many exchanges/markets within seconds, increasing your chances of making profits. 

Company information

Bitbot was invented by Autonomous Trading Systems Inc. (ATS), a company based in Miami that focuses on offering high-frequency trading robots as a service (RaaS). The firm was founded in 2015, and its team comprises top executives from different organizations like BTP, Global, and Sony. Sadly, we are not introduced to any of the team members to gauge their qualifications, reliability, or even trustworthiness.

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