Surging Demand for AI Semiconductors in Nvidia and Broadcom

by Warren Seah


Truist, a leading financial services company, has identified Nvidia and Broadcom as the key players experiencing significant growth in artificial intelligence (AI) semiconductor demand. Analyst William Stein, in a recent report, reaffirms his positive outlook on both companies’ stocks and raises his price targets accordingly.

Nvidia: Riding the Wave of AI

According to Stein, Nvidia (NVDA) stands out as a prime candidate for potential investment. As a major player in the semiconductor industry, Nvidia’s stocks are predicted to witness substantial upside. This assessment is reinforced by discussions the analyst had with semiconductor buyers who confirmed the prevailing demand for Nvidia chips. As of Friday’s trading session, Nvidia’s stock price rose by 3.9% to $477.90.

One area where Nvidia shines is generative AI, a trending technology that has gained significant attention this year. Generative AI employs text, images, and videos to create content, and interest in this field has been fueled by the release of OpenAI’s ChatGPT late last year. Stein’s optimism about Nvidia’s AI business for data centers is further bolstered by conversations with other industry experts, suggesting the company may raise prices in response to the robust chip demand.

Broadcom: Fostering Strong Partnerships

Broadcom (AVGO), another prominent player in the semiconductor market, is also experiencing a surge in AI chip orders. Analyst William Stein highlights Google as one of the main customers driving this demand, specifically for their internally designed semiconductors. Stein’s positive outlook on Broadcom’s prospects leads him to increase his price target for the company to $942 from $890.

Wall Street’s Outlook

The broader sentiment among analysts on Wall Street remains largely positive for both Nvidia and Broadcom. According to FactSet, approximately 86% of analysts covering Nvidia hold Buy ratings or the equivalent, with only 12% advising a Hold. In comparison, around 81% of analysts recommend buying Broadcom’s stock, while 15% suggest holding. This indicates a high level of confidence in the future performance of these companies.

In conclusion, Truist’s assessment underscores the tremendous growth potential within the AI semiconductor industry, with Nvidia and Broadcom emerging as the front-runners in this regard. Their ability to meet the increasing demand for AI chips positions them favorably in an ever-expanding market.

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