Rajiv Shukla appointed Chairman and CEO of Carmell

by Warren Seah

Regenerative care company, Carmell, announced on Tuesday that Rajiv Shukla, the executive chairman, will now also serve as the chairman and chief executive of the company. This decision comes as Carmell completes its post-merger integration with Axolotl.

In this new role, Shukla will be taking over from Randy Hubbell, who will step down from his position as chairman and chief executive to become an adviser to Shukla. Similarly, Josh Sandberg, former CEO of Axolotl, will serve in a similar capacity to support the new leadership team.

Following the merger, Carmell anticipates cost savings of approximately $3 million per year. This includes the termination of some part-time consultants and employees in non-core areas or overlapping business functions.

Carmell is now shifting its focus towards programs in aesthetics that have shorter paths to commercialization, particularly in skin rejuvenation and dental bone healing. As part of this strategy, the company is actively seeking candidates with expertise in aesthetics to replace three board members who will be stepping down.

The merger between Carmell and regenerative medicine company Axolotl was successfully completed in August.

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