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Chief Legal Officer

The most secret department of any company is always legal. Ordinary people know about its work only from films, and the information provided by the authors is only sometimes accurate. Why do lawyers hide their activities, what is included in their daily duties, and why do they call their work dull? We will get answers to all these questions during a conversation with Mr. Hans Olav Brenner, who holds the position of Chief Legal Officer at TechBerry.

– Greetings, Mr. Brenner. First of all, I’ll ask you a question about jokes. Is it true that they accurately describe lawyers and their work?

They are almost always true. Especially those that relate to our specific vision of ordinary situations. Jokes aside, lawyers can be called exceptional employees of any company. We are forced to perform tedious, monotonous daily work due to a professional personality deformation.

– What do you have in mind?

– You see, each profession has a unique specificity. In people representing jurisprudence, it is more pronounced than anywhere else. This significantly impacts a person’s attitude to various everyday things and forces him to make specific changes in the usual rhythm of life. Even during my studies, my teacher constantly repeated that jurisprudence is a parasitism of the worst qualities of human nature. This rule is valid for representatives of different professions. In each case, professionals face a unique set of these bad qualities.

– What exactly do TechBerry lawyers face?

– We are often tested for strength by such human vices as envy and greed. This is because our company is a leader in its field. Because of this, unscrupulous competitors are trying by all means to seize the unique developments of TechBerry specialists. We must stop such attempts, demonstrating our readiness for challenges.

– Curious.

– Over the years of work, it has ceased to be curious to me. Now I consider this work necessary for our entire company. There is nothing attractive here for the average person. Every day we must do tedious, monotonous work, learn something new, and try to continue developing. I will add that TechBerry is an international brand represented in dozens of countries worldwide. Because of this, we have to create a unique working model of the company that will satisfy every client and not violate the laws of this or that state. Such work is challenging, but we successfully cope with it.

– You know how to maintain intrigue in a conversation.

– Perhaps for someone, my words will sound intriguing. However, I want to show my work from different angles, including attractive ones. There are exciting things even in the daily “communication” with documentation, laws, and regulations. Many representatives of our profession, including me, are prevented from seeing the positive aspects of such a case by the same professional deformation of the personality. At the same time, outside observers who are fond of jurisprudence often look with envy at our activities.

– Marvelous. Your responsible work is already beginning to please me.

– I’m glad about it. However, if we consider my work globally, most people would prefer to study the activities of firefighters, doctors, and police officers. At least that was the case on Labor Day at my son’s school, where I was invited.

– Not entirely fair. The next question I want to ask is about your goals. What are they, and how soon do you plan to implement them?

– I have already realized my main goal. I work for TechBerry, a cutting-edge company with a very responsible position. I am ambitious, so I have many other purposes, which I will tell you in more detail next time. The only thing I want to add to what has been said is that I have much work ahead of me.

– Why only ahead? Are there no laws to which you must adjust the company’s work?

– Yes and no. The fact is that some states in which TechBerry is represented continue to live according to laws written several centuries ago. At that time, no one thought about trading, so now local legislatures are trying to adapt the current rules to the activities of our company. At the same time, we live in the digital age. They dictate their rules to us and force us to face new challenges. It has always been so and will be for centuries to come.

– So you have developing digital technologies on your mind now?

– I have a lot on my mind. Gradually, people change their attitude toward certain things and have new values. The same thing is happening to me. For me, more global things, such as ownership of digital solutions, are relevant now. The law monitors all this and tries to respond. They do not always do it promptly, so we must take our chances and stay on top. This will make it possible to be the first to propose specific solutions to make the existing legal system more humane and transparent.

– Is this in TechBerry’s area of interest?

– Certainly. For me, the company’s interests will be a priority in everything. It is how I am connected now, and I hope this symbiosis will last all my life. TechBerry’s plans, ambitions, and work methods suit me perfectly, so I want to keep my chosen path. At the same time, I understand that the most challenging tasks will face me and our team. To solve them, you must use all your knowledge and skills in jurisprudence.

– You touched on the topic of the future a little. Can you tell us what awaits us in a month or a year?

– I can only give you some of the details. I can only say that TechBerry will continue to work on its products and make them even better. I am impressed by the chosen development path, so I will support any leadership plans.

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