Virgin Galactic Sets Sights on Regular Missions and New Delta Spacecraft

by Warren Seah

Virgin Galactic Holdings Inc. recently announced its second-quarter results, emphasizing its commitment to regular missions and its new Delta spacecraft. The private spaceflight company is gearing up for the launch of its second commercial spaceflight, Galactic 02, which is scheduled for August 10. Following this milestone, Virgin Galactic plans to conduct monthly missions.

By consistently and safely operating their commercial spaceline on a planned monthly cadence, Virgin Galactic aims to build consumer interest and confidence. Michael Colglazier, the CEO of Virgin Galactic, stated during a conference call discussing the results that they are successfully executing on this objective.

In June, Virgin Galactic achieved a significant milestone by conducting its first commercial flight, Galactic 01. This mission transported three crew members from the Italian air force and the National Research Council of Italy into space to conduct microgravity research.

Although the company’s recent research-oriented flight received positive customer feedback, analysts suggest that Virgin Galactic may require additional capital raises as it expands its regular spaceflights. Truist analyst Michael Ciarmoli noted that revenue may remain modest and cash burn could be elevated until at least 2025, as the Delta-class vehicles near commercial readiness. During this interim period, it is expected that the company will continue to raise capital through dilutive equity offerings.

As a result of the second-quarter revenue miss, shares of Virgin Galactic declined by 3.7% on Wednesday.

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The Future of Space Tourism: Virgin Galactic’s Delta-Class Spaceships

In conclusion, while there is optimism surrounding Virgin Galactic’s future in space tourism, there are still challenges to be addressed. The launch of the Delta-class spaceships in 2026 will be a significant milestone for the company, but it may require additional capital and a focus on revenue generation to fully realize its potential.

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