Tritium DCFC Supplies EV Fast Chargers to Hawaii

by Warren Seah

Tritium DCFC, a leading EV charging infrastructure provider based in Torrance, Calif., has announced that it has been awarded a contract to supply electric vehicle fast chargers to Hawaii. This contract was made possible through the federally-funded National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) program. Tritium believes it is the first manufacturer to receive an order through NEVI.

The Hawaii Department of Transportation (HDOT) will purchase eight charging systems, which will include a total of 32 chargers and 16 power units. These charging systems will be installed along designated Alternative Fuel Corridors in the state. The funding for this project comes from NEVI, as part of Hawaii’s approved EV infrastructure plan, which received $2.6 million from the Federal Highway Administration in fiscal 2022.

NEVI, funded by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, aims to distribute $5 billion to states over a span of five years. This initiative is a significant step towards expanding the EV charging infrastructure nationwide.

In March, Tritium unveiled a charging system that is fully compliant with NEVI standards, further solidifying their commitment to sustainable transportation. This news has resulted in a positive market response, with Tritium’s shares rising by 3.8% to $1.10 in pre-market trading.

For more information on Tritium DCFC and their contributions to the EV charging industry, visit their website or contact their team directly.

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