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Tioga is an expert advisor that was published on the MQL5 market and was updated several times to work well. The presentation doesn’t include intel about money-management and settings customization. Let’s take a look at it. 

Tioga: to trust or not to trust?

The system was set to trade on a real account just three weeks ago. So, it’s hard to decide if the robot fits our expectations or not. 


The following list includes details about settings, features, customizations. So, we have united and structured them.

  • The system is able to provide us with automatic trading. 
  • So, this allows opening and closing orders without our present. 
  • We have a price of $295 for a single copy. 
  • The next one should be $495 and it will be increased to $795. 
  • The core strategy is based on scalping. 
  • The system “is using mean reversion at the end of the US season.”
  • It has to trade smoothly and predictably. 
  • The advisor doesn’t work with Grid, Martingale, Cost Averaging strategies. 
  • It works only with fixed lot sizes. 
  • There’s welcome and quick support. 
  • The core pair is  EURUSD. 
  • M5 is the main time frame. 
  • Risks can be customized if we want. 
  • The devs suggest we work with 4% risks. 
  • An average risk for an open order should be 1%. 
  • It prefers trading at night. 
  • FIFO rules are used in trading. 
  • We may start working without proper experience. 
  • A VPS service is a good option for the robot. 
  • The balance should have $300. 
  • ECN accounts are another good option. 
  • There’s auto tune to GMT. 


Tioga pricing details.

The price of this expert advisor is $495. The rental option is also available: $95 for 3 months. We can use a demo copy of the system after downloading it. Money refund is not included.

Verified trading results

Tioga backtest report.

The developer shared a backtest report where the robot was tested on 11 pairs at once on ten months of the tick data. The risks were 7%. The history quality was 100%. An initial deposit was $3000. It has become $113,811 of the total net profit. The profit factor was 5.84 when the recovery factor was 9.76. They are good numbers. The maximum drawdown was 17.99%. The system has traded 1978 deals with 98% of the win rate for shorts and 99% for longs. 

Tioga trading results.

We have a real account where the robot was attached three weeks ago. The broker is Rsicapital with 1:100 leverage. The maximum drawdown is 3% and the maximum deposit load is 35.1%. The win rate is 98.9%. An initial deposit was $300. The absolute growth is 9.00%. 

Trading statistics.

An average trade frequency is 28 deals weekly. So, it’s a frequently traded robot. An average trade length is 6 hours. The account was created on 22 December, 2021. 

Tioga growth chart.

The growth chart looks smooth. 

Closed orders.

The last orders were closed in profit. 

Trading details.

The robot has traded 95 deals. The best trade is $6.72 when the worst trade is -$4.17. The recovery factor is 16.99 when the profit factor is 17.99. An average monthly gain is 9.00%. 

Distribution process.

GBPCAD is the most traded symbol with 11 deals. 

Low drawdowns

Trading results of Tioga EA.

The advisor works with low drawdowns and high win rate. It seems to be good if it keeps going. 

Vendor transparency

The dev’s profile on MQL5.

Ozkan Lara is a developer from Turkey with a 23,725 rate and two products on the board. His portfolio has a 5 star rate based on 7 reviews. 

People testimonials on MQL5.

The testimonials from real clients vary from positive to negative. It’s hard to trust them blindly.

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