Thunder 30 Signals Review

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Thunder 30 Signals

Are you looking to earn huge profits without exerting too much or using risky trading approaches? Forex signal services offer an ideal choice to earn big in Forex. But, you get to enjoy high returns only when you choose the right signal service. 

With the choice for such services being abundant, having a bit of expert advice on the use of such systems is always welcomed by traders. Our review lineup helps you know about a system and come to a decision on the efficacy and use of the system. This Thunder 30 Signals review gives you our expert evaluation of the system and its feasibility.

Thunder 30 Signals: To Trust or Not to Trust?

The Thunder 30 Signals service claims to produce more than $13,000 in profits without the use of complicated software. Promising to be the right tool for busy traders as well as amateurs, the system assures convenient process and high returns. But our initial analysis of the system reveals that it is a system we would not trust. Here are our reasons as to why this is an unreliable system.

  • No verified trading results are provided by the vendor
  • The system is very expensive
  • Vendor transparency is lacking


As a signal service using in-house traders and proprietary trading software, Thunder 30 Signals works with the help of four different indicators. The best trades are chosen by the software with the help of the indicators. 

According to vendor info, the system has been honed over the years to provide the best perks for users. All generated signals are sent directly to the email of the subscriber. With the signals, the system claims to provide an unfair advantage, which the user can exploit to profit from the right entries or exits. 

And, with our perusal of the various features of this system, our initial evaluation did not turn up favorable information regarding the system’s reliability. We found the system to display dismal performance concerning the trading results, user feedback, and more. Here is our in-depth evaluation of some of the crucial aspects of this service that we found the system to lack in.

No Verified Trading Results

Thunder 30 Signals Trading Results

Trading results are crucial for analyzing the performance of a system. We prefer trading results verified by third-party sites such as myfxbook, FXBlue, etc. The stats reveal plenty of information about the strategy used, the risks taken, average loss and win, profit ratio, etc. This helps us gain a better perspective of the system. 

However, Thunder 30 Signals disappoints in this aspect. Although a trading result from the myfxbook site is posted on the official page, we are unable to verify if the account is a real and live one. From the screenshot shown below the details about the system, the type of account, leverage, etc. are hidden. And, the link to the myfxbook site seems to be broken.

Thunder 30 Signals Myfxbook

Expensive Pricing

Thunder 30 Signals Expensive Pricing

The pricing of this signal service is $497, which we consider highly expensive when compared to competitor products. But, the vendor claims that the cost is very cheap considering the package is worth nearly $3,000, according to the vendor estimate. 

Daily email trade alerts, trading strategy guide, trading videos, indicator pack, lifetime community discussion forum, and advanced training support are offered with the pack.

Vendor Transparency

Transparency is an important criterion for a system as it helps decide the reliability of the system. Unfortunately, this signal service fails to satisfy us in this aspect too. While the Trading Strategy Guides group is behind this service, there is no mention of the developer or the location details about this particular service. 

From our research, we found that Casey Stubbs owns it and uses market experts to develop the various products under the Trading Strategy Guides brand. Systems such as EFC Indicator belong to this group. 

However, most of the products under this brand have average or below average feedback from users. Furthermore, the vendor does not divulge much info about the strategy used except for the four indicators outlined on the site. 

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