The Race for Space Dominance

by Warren Seah

It has been a whirlwind of activity in the space industry lately as competitors strive to keep up with the frontrunner, SpaceX. While progress is being made, it’s happening at a relatively slow pace.

When it comes to the perfect blend of hardware and applications in the space industry, no one quite matches the ingenuity of Elon Musk’s SpaceX, often referred to as the Tesla of space travel.

Recently, United Launch Alliance (ULA), a collaboration between Boeing and Lockheed Martin, successfully launched its Vulcan Centaur rocket for the very first time. Onboard was a lander that is now making its way to the moon.

The inaugural launch of the Vulcan Centaur was a resounding triumph. This next-generation launch system developed by ULA utilizes cutting-edge rocket engines from Jeff Bezos’ space company, Blue Origin. Interestingly,, Bezos’ other venture, has inked contracts with ULA and various other launch providers to facilitate the deployment of Amazon’s Kuiper satellite network. This network is set to provide space-based Wi-Fi connectivity to customers of Amazon Web Services and beyond.

In essence, ULA is actively assembling rockets to take on SpaceX, while Blue Origin focuses on developing rocket engines to rival SpaceX. Simultaneously, Amazon is working diligently on constructing satellites to compete with SpaceX’s widely acclaimed Starlink space-based Wi-Fi service.

The industry is abuzz with activity; however, it remains uncertain whether any competitor can truly close the gap on SpaceX’s pioneering initiatives.

Andrew Chanin, founder of ProcureAM, which operates the Procure Space ETF traded under the symbol “UFO,” aptly summarizes the state of affairs by stating that SpaceX may not be the sole player in this race, but they undoubtedly remain the dominant force in terms of size, prowess, and speed. The ETF allows investors to tap into companies engaged in various space-related enterprises.

The Space Race: SpaceX Dominates the Market


In the competitive world of space exploration, SpaceX has emerged as the leading company, leaving its competitors in the dust. With its innovative technology and groundbreaking achievements, SpaceX has firmly established itself as an industry powerhouse.

Launch Supremacy

While other companies struggle to keep up, SpaceX continues to soar ahead. In 2023 alone, they launched a staggering 98 times, accounting for approximately 45% of all orbital space missions worldwide. But this figure merely scratches the surface of their dominance. Astonishingly, SpaceX carried close to 80% of all payload mass into orbit during the same period.

Unmatched Growth

As their launch numbers skyrocketed, other companies struggled to keep pace. SpaceX witnessed an impressive 60% increase in launches in 2023, while the rest of the industry stagnated. This exceptional growth further solidified their position at the forefront of space exploration.

The Enigmatic UFO Investor

Despite SpaceX’s unrivaled success, Chanin’s UFO remains unconnected to the company. As a privately held company, SpaceX’s value is estimated at a staggering $175 billion, similar to aerospace giant Boeing.

The Starlink Phenomenon

While launch dominance contributes significantly to SpaceX’s success, it is their satellite constellation, Starlink, that truly sets them apart. Approximately 60% of SpaceX’s launches in 2023 revolved around deploying Starlink satellites into low Earth orbit. With over 5,000 satellites currently orbiting the Earth, SpaceX has revolutionized global internet connectivity by offering space-based Wi-Fi to homes and businesses.

Impressive Growth and Achievements

A Game-Changer in Space Technology

SpaceX’s innovative nature is evident in their pioneering work on reusable rockets. By perfecting the art of launching rockets into space, retrieving them, and using them again, SpaceX revolutionized the industry and drastically reduced the cost of reaching orbit. This groundbreaking technology set SpaceX apart from its competitors and ultimately led to the creation of Starlink—a visionary application that elevated the value of their launch business.

In conclusion, SpaceX’s dominance in the space industry is undeniable. With an unparalleled track record of launches and the transformative impact of Starlink, they have secured their place as today’s industry leader. As other companies scramble to catch up, SpaceX continues to push boundaries and redefine what is possible in space exploration.

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