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StrategyQuant‌ ‌X

StrategyQuant‌ ‌X is advertised as the most powerful platform to generate, develop, and research algo trading strategies with a click of a button. The company’s goal is to “Create New Trading Strategies For Any Market And Timeframe.” In this StrategyQuant X review, we are going to analyze its features, functionality, accessibility, test accuracy, and performance speed.

StrategyQuant‌ ‌X: To Trust or Not to Trust?

It’s up to you. This platform is well-known among the Forex-related community and robot developers, but it requires strong trading and EA developing experience. The pricing is unfriendly for newbies.

StrategyQuant‌ ‌X presentation


The key features of the platform are:

  • StrategyQuant X is a great strategy development and research platform.
  • It uses machine learning techniques to automatically generate new automated systems (trading robots, expert advisors, EAs) for any market (Forex, Futures, Equities, Crypto) and any timeframe.
  • There’s a coding-free experience. 
  • The system creates a full strategy source.
  • The interface is based on the point-and-click system.
  • The platform operates multi-market and multi-trading features.
  • The Input charts with different symbols can be used by various strategies.
  • It allows running automated robustness tests.
  • Strategies are robust and have a real edge on the market.
  • The system includes unique features like Fuzzy logic, Walk-Forward Optimizer, Custom templates, Improver, and many others.
  • The system can combine and verify millions of Entry and Exit points, order types, and price levels to spot the best-preset strategies.
  • It works according to selected criteria: Risk to Reward ratio, Net Profit, or any other.
  • We can export designed strategies to MT4, MT5, or EasyLanguage for Tradestation/Multicharts.
  • StrategyQuant X lets us test new potential strategies or trading ideas.
  • Well-tested strategies reduce the chance of getting a mistake in the final code.
  • There’s an automated workflow that lets the program run, generate, and verify millions of trading strategies every day.
StrategyQuant‌ ‌X trading strategies
StrategyQuant‌ ‌X trading strategies

On the screenshots, we can see many tests of designed strategies:

  • StrategyQuant X allows backtesting the strategies using real tick data from the brokers.
  • The workflow system works automatically.
  • It allows us to use our own template in a strategy design.
  • It includes Walk-Forward Matrix (cluster analysis) and Fuzzy trading logic.

The system also allows:

  • Creating and Testing an unlimited number of trading strategies.
  • Exporting strategies to MT 4/5 or Tradestation with full source code.
  • Improving our strategies by altering the trading rules.
StrategyQuant‌ ‌X trading strategies

Charting on every stage of testing shows us if the strategy works badly.

StrategyQuant‌ ‌X trading strategies
StrategyQuant‌ ‌X Backtests
StrategyQuant‌ ‌X trading strategies

The system runs an incredibly detailed backtest engine that’s ready for customization. The engine is based on machine learning techniques: Random generation and Genetic evolution. It unites all available Building Blocks, Entry, and Exit types for generating strategies.

StrategyQuant‌ ‌X Cross Checks

We can avoid overfitting with Cross Checks (integrated robustness tests). There are Fast and Slow options with a calculated estimated time for each strategy.

StrategyQuant‌ ‌X Pricing

StrategyQuant X is sold in three packages: Starter, Professional, and Ultimate. The Starter pack costs $1290. It is featured by Builder, Retester feature, Improver without advanced robustness tests, Optimizer, or Custom Workflow. The Professional pack costs $1490. The original price was $1790. It includes The license that is also valid for EA Wizard and QuantAnalyzer Pro. The Ultimate package costs $2900. It was $4900. We’ll receive lifetime support and upgrades, lifetime full data subscription, and all future paid add-on modules are included for free.

StrategyQuant‌ ‌X packages

The visual explanations of what features we’ll get we can see on this sheet. The Professional pack looks like the best and more profitable one.

No Verified Trading Results

This company focuses on helping people to design their own EAs, not on trading.

StrategyQuant‌ ‌X No Verified Trading Results

It’s the software’s mainframe where we can start designing the robot.

StrategyQuant‌ ‌X backtest chapter

It’s a backtest chapter, we mentioned previously.

StrategyQuant‌ ‌X strategy

It’s a page that allows us to customize what type of strategy: Single strategy, Multi time frame, and multi-symbol strategy, Strategy from a template, Improve existing strategy.

StrategyQuant‌ ‌X backtesting report results

It’s backtesting report results. There are Total Net Profit, RIO, Profit Factor, Win-rate, and many other parameters.

StrategyQuant X has great visualization tools

StrategyQuant X has great visualization tools.

StrategyQuant‌ ‌X code

The code is available for checking and transferring.

No Drawdown

There are no trading results, so no drawdowns.

Vendor Transparency

The company has a high level of transparency as the helping service for robot developers.

Testimonials and mentions

StrategyQuant‌ ‌X Testimonials

About half a year ago, there were only text testimonials. Now, we’ve got video ones in addition.

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