Shell Jurong Island Fire at Petrochemical Unit Manufacturing Site

by Warren Seah

Singapore’s Shell Jurong Island (SJI) has successfully extinguished a fire that broke out at one of its petrochemical unit manufacturing sites on Jurong Island. The incident occurred at around 3:00 hours Singapore time on Oct. 10, and there were no reported casualties.

Impact on Shell’s styrene monomer production

The fire is expected to have an impact on Shell’s production of styrene monomer (SM). The extent of the damage is currently being evaluated by Shell, and it remains to be seen how serious the consequences will be.

Safety is a key priority

A spokesperson for Shell confirmed the incident and reassured that there were no injuries reported. The company’s emergency response team is closely monitoring the situation. Safety is of utmost importance to Shell.

Production capacity of SJI

SJI has the capacity to produce 1,040 million metric ton (mt) per year of SM and 490,000 mt/year of propylene oxide (PO) through its two POSM lines, according to its website.

Operations at Shell’s cracker

Fortunately, it appears that the operations at Shell’s cracker on the same site have not been disrupted. Apart from PO and SM, other chemical production is expected to continue without any disruptions.

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