RoFX Robot Review: Efficient Forex trading using Machine Learning

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RoFX Robot Review: Efficient Forex trading using Machine Learning

The Forex market is a unique and wonderful opportunity if you are looking for a way to make profits. Moreover, you can receive a massive income in the forex market, even without having any special knowledge. Thanks to RoFx, you will make a profit in the market without having to invest a lot of money. is a platform that contains revolutionary trading software, which is basically automated with an unconventional neural network. As a result, it provides you with a profitable forex trading software that can predict cryptocurrency fluctuations and other currencies. 

The RoFx automated trading robot functions and features include:

  • Separating emotions from trading
  • Risk management – The robot controls and manages risks by stopping the trade where losses are due.
  • Initiating trades – Any amateur can trade with short term investments within the first months.
  • Exiting trades – The robot identifies the best time to exit the trade.
  • Providing a stop-loss system – This system provides the best platform for risk management.
  • Managing open positions – The robot identifies the best moment to strike an opportunity to make a profit.
  • Automatic trading 24/7 – You will find a 24/7 support service.
  • Using the reserve fund  to cover the negative trading results

You require a trading system that guarantees coverage of the loss, and that is what RoFx provides. More so, you will have a stable income where you will benefit from the profits as a trader.

Why RoFx is the best automated trading system?

  • The system is friendly for beginners as well as professionals. RoFx makes it easy for you to become acquainted soon enough for you to learn the basics.
  • Experts endorse the trading strategy that RoFx uses after numerous trials and tests. Therefore, novice traders can begin to trade as soon as they learn the basics. Since the system has already gone through the trial and error period, the traders can out rightly start trading and skip the trial process. As a result, you get to achieve your profitability as soon as you want to.
  • You are provided with the verification and statistics you need to trust the process and the results, which are on reliable sites like myfxbook, as shown below.
rofx results chart (myfxbook)
rofx gains monthly chart (myfxbook)

How to open a RoFx account

Since the website provides a secure and profitable service with a stable income, then let us give it a shot in opening the account by following the below process.

1. Open a free account by visiting the website. provides all the information, such as the features and benefits. Furthermore, you will find validation documents that the team has offered to be able to help you acquire more information about the robot. Thus, you get to find out the root performance, how it works, as well as obtain other reviews from previous users and current customers. If you like what you find on the website, you can open a free account by clicking the button on the top right.

rofx main page

2. Fill the registration form.

Add all the necessary information you will be requested on the form, such as your email address and your phone number. Most importantly, edit the recent and most accessible details to you since the RoFx team uses the information like your phone number to send you a security code that only you have access to. Afterwards, click on register free account, as shown below.

rofx registration form

3. Complete the login process with free and easy access to your account.

Once you finish the registration process, check your email for confirmation of the login and a text message that will contain your initial password. The RoFx team also sends you a link which you will use to login once you key in the code you get on your phone.

4. Go through the RoFx platform.

The platform provides you with all the essential information you need as well as inform you about the features. Moreover, you can test each aspect you see on the interface and discover which works best for you. You will find buttons that you can test to find out how they work and where to click in case you need to. The chatbox you will find on the lower right helps you get help from the efficient customer service. Hence, you will not be stuck in any process of trading since you will have all the support you need to thrive and have a profitable outcome. 

5. Deposit funds in your account.

The discovery process of the platform helps you gain enough insight that helps you gain the confidence that you need to deposit the funds and begin the money-making process. Among the features you will find on the platform are packages that you choose. These packages provide you with the best characteristics and apparent differences that you can choose according to the amount you prefer to begin the fun trading process. Afterwards, you can deposit money in your account. You can use Wire, ACH, and Bitcoin methods to fund your RoFx account. Here is an outline of the packages you can choose.

rofx account - active packages

Additionally, the ACH option was recently introduced to make it easy for the clients to get the service and ease the trading process. This method is more efficient and has a low transaction fee due to internal transaction processing. Once you make a transaction via the US bank details, the 50 USD transaction fee is covered by the company in a case where your package has expired, and you need to renew. More so, the BTC and wire transfer options remain accessible, and you can choose any means. 

rofx packages list

6. Keep a close watch on the platform to know about the proceedings.

Once you begin the active trading process, it is important that you continue to monitor the platform, especially during the first days. Again, be careful so as not to expose yourself too much by being at high risk in the first days and investing too much money, especially as a beginner. You need to slowly trust the process as you learn the critical moves to make as well as remain protected. Supervision of the account is paramount at all times.

Customer Support 

The RoFx pilot score is 4.1. This shows that it is a trusted platform and is above average. The 24/7 customer support is incredible as well. Thus, feel free to reach out on their platforms via email, phone, physical offices, or live chat options on the website. Here are the office addresses and phone numbers information.

rofx offices and contacts

Send an email to: [email protected];

The platform also provides a request form that consists of detailed queries where you can notify the group about your complaint in case of any, and thus, you will get your response within 24 hours.

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Clark Jenkins April 15, 2021 - 10:33 am

The bot gets the work done without any additional support. Best Forex bot I have used in recent times. I have used Forex Fury before which is not bad at all, but RoFx stands first. Thanks to the team.

Evan February 11, 2021 - 4:05 am

RoFx expert advisor is very reliable and build by considering all the risk factors. It would be great if the company can use this bot in Crypto market also rather than restricting it to Forex so that the profits generated can be more. But concerning Forex bots in the market, RoFx proves to be the best.


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