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Rhombus Capital

Rhombus Capital does not provide an expert advisor but instead chooses to register their trades through signal providers and PAMM services. They make many claims on their website about being profitable and try to prove their performance through Myfxbook records. After analyzing deeply, we are able to know the real statistics and the risks taken by the system.

Rhombus Capital: To Trust or Not to Trust?

The company plans to offer unlimited growth through managed investments that come at a subscription or PAMM service. They claim to tackle the challenges that investors face while finding a good investment. To understand the system, we have carefully analyzed the history and performance reports on Myfxbook. Only after going through the website and records properly do we understand the true output of the system.


Rhombus Capital has the following features:

  • Signals are available to copy through regulated broker Darwinex
  • Support is available to answer all of the inquiries
  • Requires only $1000 to start trading

To follow the trading signals, you can subscribe to them by selecting them on signal start and paying the monthly cost. You have to provide your account credentials to signal start to start trading. The trades will be copied to the account automatically. The other choice is to follow them via the Darwinex broker by adding the service to your portfolio. 

The company fails to provide any insight into the trading strategy of the system. We had to research the trading history on Myfxbook to understand the game plan. After careful analysis, we come to know that Rhombus Capital uses risky martingale and grid trading strategies to maintain an upward linear curve. It trades on multiple currency pairs and holds the positions for an average single day. There are many promises on maintaining the drawdown and providing steady growth for investor’s portfolios.

Rhombus Capital trading results


You can choose to follow the signals by paying a subscription cost of $75 on signal start. Traders can also copy the trades through Darwinex, which will cost you performance fees that the company fails to disclose. 

Trading Results

Verified trading records are available on Myfxbook that show the performance from May 20, 2021, till the current date. The system has recently started tracking; therefore, we can not take the records as a final verdict. For the current stats, the monthly return is 149%, with a drawdown of 24.27%. The system trades with a winning percentage of 72% with a profit factor of 4.42. There were a total of 154 trades with 14.10 lots traded. The best trade capped was $116.68 while the worst was -$82.67.

Rhombus Capital drawdown

High Drawdown

Grid and martingale systems only work for a short duration, and after that, they bring in a high drawdown. It is not beneficial to trust any signals that have been in place for a short period, such as Rhombus Capital. The robot will see a high drawdown soon that will wipe all of the account’s value.

Rhombus Capital drawdown

Vendor Transparency

Rhombus Capital does not provide any information about the trading experience of developers. We don’t even have proper names. The company only states that the traders are highly experienced and monitor the positions constantly to avoid any substantial risks. They claim that the professional hands behind the program make sure that the investments are safe.

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