Red Horse Robot Review

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Red Horse Robot Review

Red Horse EA is an expert advisor that can help us with trading Gold completely automatically. It belongs to the Sinry Advice company. The devs try to convince us that it can work with a high-profit margin and low dradowns. The presentation provides us with some explanations about the system’s features. So, let’s check what we have. 

Red Horse Robot: to trust or not to trust?

The system couldn’t show stable and predictable performance. We don’t know for sure if the developers will update it any time soon.


There are various settings, details, and explanations provided. For your comfort, we have systemized them in the following list. 

  • We can expect that the system will analyze the market, open and close orders for us automatically.
  • The core strategy is based on price action when the robot looks where the market goes.
  • We can work with the chance of profitable tardes of 85%.
  • It also uses a Grid of orders to make even more profits from market moves.
  • It’s possible to open orders on any time frame.
  • The advisor has received various scalping possibilities on the board.
  • The system can work stably without even a chance of blowing accounts.
  • Our account will get the same trades that the robot executes on the developers’ account.
  • The advisor works with various news: fundamental and technical.
  • It opens orders through MT4.
  • Gold is the only one pairs to work with.
  • We have money-management that works with risks which we can bear.
  • The package includes one real and one demo account license. 
  • The system can provide us with monthly profitability from 12 to 23%. 
  • We can expect that the drawdowns can be higher than 9.7%.
  • The advisor requires us to have our account on $1000.
  • The only possible time frame is M5.
  • It works with the following account types: ECN and Standard.
  • The leverage should be 1:500. It’s a standard one to work with the $1000 account.
  • We can start working within several minutes.
  • It can work without our proper trading experience and still be profitable.


We can rent out the robot. Alas, the developers didn’t provide us with a possibility to purchase a copy of the advisor. So, a one-month subscription costs $59. We can get an annual price of $495. The owners provide us with a trial period of 14 days.

Verified trading results

We couldn’t find any kind of backtest reports. So, the devs decided not to share the final report and chart to convince us that the system is good to go. Usually, we can read details about win rate, risks, drawdowns, profitability, and so on and plan how we want to work with this trading solution.

Red Horse Robot trading results on Myfxbook.

We have a system that was deployed to work on a demo account on Tickmill. It runs charts absolutely automatically with 1:500 leverage on the MT4 platform. The account has a verified track record. It was created on November 15, 2021, and deposited at $1,000. Since then, the absolute gain amounted to 27.90% (after those losses). An average monthly gain is 6.27%. The maximum drawdown is 19.85%.

Red Horse Robot statistics.

The robot has performed 493 orders and obtained 12,201 pips. An average win is 187.44 pips when an average loss is -429.52 pips. The system’s win rate is 72-74%. It holds a trade open for 4 hours and a half on average. The profit factor is 1.37. So, the results are average as for a paid advisor.

Red Horse Robot directions.

We may note that the long direction is over twice profitable ($190.92) than the short one ($88.12).

Red Horse Robot risks.

The system can lose 22 orders to lose 10% of the account. It’s a 8.23% chance of this to happen.

Red Horse Robot closed orders.

The advisor tries to combine short Grids of orders and conservative x2 Martingale.

Red Horse Robot monthly profits.

The system has been losing profits since February 2022.

Vendor transparency

A page of Sinry Advice on FPA.

The developers created a page of the company on Forex Peace Army in 2020. There are two testimonials written.

People testimonials on FPA.

The clients mentioned that the advisor couldn’t be profitable for former clients. We don’t know if we can trust them.

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