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Point Zero Trading

With the popularity of automated trading tools in Forex, you can find several systems offering various attractive packages. The main focus of such systems is to provide an easy and effective trading experience with minimal risk and maximum profits. Point Zero Trading is a company that develops Metatrader Forex robots and indicators. Founded by Arthur Lopez, the company focuses on providing quality trading tools, free updates, and 24/7 support. In this review, we analyze this Forex trading tools developer and reveal the results of our evaluation and our experts’ advice on using the service.

Point Zero Trading: To Trust or Not to Trust?

Any trading tool in Forex is considered to be of good quality only when it provides solid proof of its results. We have analyzed this Forex developer in a detailed manner taking into account the pertinent aspects like the performance, quality, support, and more. Our initial assessment of this system indicates the developer does not provide live trading results, which is disappointing.  Before we further conduct a thorough analysis, let us see the main features of this developer.


Point Zero Trading Features

With over 10 years of experience in coding Forex trading tools, the developer claims that all the indicators and EAs are complex and understandable at the same time. Complete security is ensured with proper coding that results in predictable and safe trade execution. With all the products being created from scratch by the developer, he claims that all of them are unique. 

Important features of the products include customizing the products to fit with different risk and trading profiles. The vendor offers free and premium trading tools. The price ranges from $30 up to $399 for the indicators and $30 – $499 for the Forex robots. These tools come with free lifetime updates and 24/7 support. A 7-day money-back guarantee is provided for users who are not satisfied with their trading results.

After analyzing the features of this ATS, here are the chief advantages and downsides we spotted:

  • No live verified trading results
  • Vendor transparency
  • Negative User Reviews

Let us delve into each one of the above aspects.

No Live Verified Trading Results

While the site is well designed with easy-to-navigate features, the developer does not provide verified trading results. A search on the myfxbook site revealed that a profile exists for this vendor. However, the accounts shown are closed and date back to 2015. Here is one of the real account stats:

Point Zero Trading Trading Results
Point Zero Trading advanced statistics

From the info provided in the results, we could see a huge gain of 11339.49% and an absolute profit of 3014.62%. And the drawdown is 75.90%. The monthly and daily profits are 2274.62% and 0.21% respectively. All these stats look suspicious and unrealistic. Further many of the details like the balance, equity, profit, deposits, trading history, etc. are hidden by the trader.  The high drawdown and profit percentages and hidden data raise a red flag. Without details about the trading history which is hidden, we are unable to find the lot sizes and other related info. As seen in the above screenshot, the history data is hidden. With the available data we are unable to identify the strategy used and the performance.

Vendor Transparency

Point Zero trading is founded by Arthur Lopez, a speculator and private investor. He is an experienced software analyst and developer. This system is registered in Hong Kong and the website has the register number and email contact for support. 

Lopez provides a detailed explanation of the various expert advisors and indicators developed by him. There are currently 13 EAs and 27 indicators in the paid category and several others that are offered for free.  Each of the products comes with user guides, free updates, and lifetime support. There is an explanation of the strategy used. 

User Reviews

We found 107 reviews dating back to 2012 for this developer on the Forexpeacearmy site with a rating of 4.495/5. Of the recent reviews, we found negative and positive reviews for this developer. Here are a few of the reviews:

Point Zero Trading User Reviews

While the positive reviews appreciate the support provided and the performance of the indicator, the negative reviews show that the indicators and the support are not working well. Another user claims that the work of the developer is plagiarized.

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