PipFinite EA Trend PRO Review

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PipFinite EA Trend PRO

PipFinite EA Trend PRO is a trading advisor that was developed by a little-known developer – Karlo Wilson Vendiola. Visitors pay a little attention to the system. We decide to figure out why. 

PipFinite EA Trend PRO: to trust or not to trust?

We cannot trust this EA. The robot is not profitable right now. 


The system was explained okay. We have picked the best explanations and put them in the list below. 

  • The advisor can work for us automatically. 
  • We are allowed to trade on MT5. 
  • The MT4 version is also available on MQL5.
  • The system is fully customized. 
  • We can change the next parameters: Entry and Exit Filters, Higher Timeframe Filter, Stop Loss, Takeprofit, Breakeven, Trailing Stop, News Filter, and others.
  • The robot allows us to be better traders. 
  • It picks all trading opportunities that it can find. 
  • The default settings aren’t customized. 
  • There’s a “Trend PRO indicator algorithm inside the EA.”
  • The account should have from $50 on the account. 
  • The money-management system is applied. 
  • It places SL and TP levels for us for every open trade. 
  • We can enjoy a trailing feature. 
  • “RSI Filter – avoid opening trades on overbought and oversold conditions.”
  • “MACD Filter – open trades on specified MACD conditions.”
  • We cannot decide what trading sessions we’d like to trade. 
  • There’s a Martingale strategy to recover. 
  • We also have notifications implemented: pop-ups, email, and push.

Trading results

Backtesting report for PipFinite EA Trend PRO.

The presentation has only this disaster chart as proof that the system is profitable. We may note that it survived only because of Martingale the currency pair was EURUSD on H1. 

Trading results of PipFinite EA Trend PRO.

It’s nice of the dev that he provides a trading account where the system shows the same results but with the minus mark. The advisor has been running a real USD account on RoboForex automatically. The leverage is 1:500 and the platform is MT4. The account has a verified track record and verified trading privileges. So, the data is relevant. It was created on August 01, 2021, and deposited at $200. The deposit should start from $1000 for a professional trading solution. Since then, the absolute gain has become -28.33%. An average monthly gain is -14.0-%. The maximum drawdown is 30.12%. A single trader tracks these results. 

Trading performance of the system.

Ot has traded 131 deals with -56.7 pips. An average win is 20.43 pips when an average loss is -15.53 pips. The accuracy rate is a scam and it’s between 39% and 45%. An average trade length is 11 hours 13 minutes. The profit factor is 0.74.  

Trading risks.

It runs the account with the maximum risks because of the low accuracy. 

Closed orders by PipFinite EA Trend PRO.

The system has won only 7 orders from the 20 placed. 

PipFinite EA Trend PRO’s monthly activities.

The robot closed two months in a row with losses. It’s a bad sign. 

Vendor transparency

The developer’s profile on mql5.

He’s originally from the Philippines. He has a 136,985 rating. The products’ rates are 4.8 in total based on 4699 reviews. There are twenty products on the board. 


Pricing details of PipFinite EA Trend PRO.

Traders can purchase a real account copy for $198. It is also possible to rent out the robot for $98 a month and for $158 annually. We are allowed to give a demo try to the system for free. 

People feedback

People testimonials.

After seeing it, it’s hard to find a real positive testimonial because the system is consistently unprofitable.

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