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Retirement planning is an important issue that is very difficult to solve. In this case, it is best to trust the experts or use the particular Personal Capital (PC) application. It stands out for its versatility. Therefore, it is suitable not only for middle-aged and elderly people but also for young people. So that everyone can find the best way to use this product, you need to consider the Personal Capital review in detail.

General information about Personal Capital

Known in America and far beyond its borders, Personal Capital is the owner of the application of the same name. It was founded more than a dozen years ago, but it has recently become a severe competitor for other developers. The moment of glory was the release of the application, which immediately became popular. After that, the company quickly expanded its customer base and raised its status. Now she has offices in several American metropolitan areas and owns her website. It reveals to users the entire company history and provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the most influential members of the team. This openness shows PC’s desire to work closely with clients and improve its financial product.

All experts refer to Personal Capital as a universal application. This can be explained by the wide range of tasks that users can solve. Most often, a PC is used for retirement planning. It will also help manage money and draw up financial plans for weeks, months, and years ahead. The only significant limitation of the application is a very high minimum portfolio value. Because of this, PCs are installed mainly by wealthy users.

The PC is made for people with significant financial resources, but you don’t have to pay a single cent to use it. Such a paradox is surprising, but at the same time makes this product different from others. However, there is one service for which you still have to pay money. It is access to a premium account, for which the company withholds from 0.49% to 0.89% per year (of the total amount on the accounts).

Important features

In studying any issues, it is essential to go through all the stages of this process consistently. In the case of Personal Capital, users will need knowledge about the rules for registering, installing, and configuring the application.


  1. In any way, go to the company’s website.
  2. Go to the main page, where you will find the inscription “Get Started.» If you go from other pages, there may be another button with the words “Start Today.»
  3. Fill out the opened questionnaire with basic information, after which you agree to all the listed offers.
  4. The next step will be verification. To pass it, you need to provide scans of documents that will be carefully checked for authenticity.
  5. After some time, you will receive a message about successful verification. You can sync right after that.
  6. Using the tips on the site, add all the accounts you want to manage through the application.
  7. Having completed this work, order a phone call.
  8. As soon as the operator contacts you, it will be necessary to answer simple questions to confirm the correctness of the data provided.
  9. After that, you will be provided with a personal consultant with whom you can resolve any issues.
  10. Only after that can you begin to use Personal Capital fully.

When considering a PC, it is impossible to insulate yourself from the various controversial issues at each stage of the application study. A thorough analysis of all the features of this product and the process of its operation will help to solve them.

Important nuances:

  1. Support service. All PC users have the opportunity to get a personal consultant. It is available to everyone after verification. This specialist performs the work of a help desk. He answers various questions and helps to solve problems that arise. The only drawback of personal consultations is the unavailability of a company representative on weekends.
  2. Safety. Personal Capital works with wealthy clients, so it is essential to keep their data as secure as possible. For these purposes, mandatory registration of all devices used to work with a PC was introduced. In addition, users must confirm many transactions using their phones and log into their accounts by going through a multi-step authorization. In addition to everything, the company uses unique data encryption methods that exclude account hacking.
  3. Version for mobile devices. Anyone who can’t sit still should use the mobile version of the PC. It is available to owners of any modern device based on Android or iOS. This version practically does not differ from the computer version, so that it will be as convenient as possible. In addition, the mobile application is small and does not take up much space in the device’s memory.
  4. Interface. The application is suitable for everyone, as it has a simple interface. It is worth highlighting the presence of several tabs dedicated to each financial aspect. This option of presenting information is the most convenient, and users quickly get used to it. It should also be noted that the interface is exclusively in English, and some people will have to adapt.

Advantages and disadvantages

It’s always lovely to read about something good. Therefore, in the Personal Capital app review, we included a list of the advantages of this product. He has many of them, so we selected the most significant ones. We must recognize the shortcomings of the application. They make the PC look a little less ideal.

Main advantages:

•         the honest activity of the company

•         hundreds of thousands of users

•         the fee is charged only for the premium account

•         ease of setup

•         the presence of a mobile version

•         work with clients online

•         much helpful information on the site

•         conducting individual consultations

Visible disadvantages:

•         strict restrictions on the minimum value of the portfolio

•         high commissions in a premium account

Personal Capital is a universal application, without which it isn’t easy to do retirement planning and manage your capital. Its use will give a significant advantage to the user and help to avoid various troubles in the future.

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