Old Dominion Freight Reports Drop in Profit and Revenue

by Warren Seah


Old Dominion Freight, a Thomasville-based freight carrier, experienced a decline in both profit and revenue due to reduced economic activity. Despite this, the company remains committed to its growth strategy.

Decreased Profit and Revenue

In the second quarter, Old Dominion Freight reported a profit of $292 million, or $2.65 per share. This is a decrease from $376 million, or $3.30 per share, in the same quarter last year. Although per-share earnings were slightly higher than expected by analysts, it is evident that the company’s profitability has been affected by the current economic climate.

Furthermore, Old Dominion’s revenue dropped by 15% to $1.413 billion during the quarter. This figure fell short of the $1.439 billion forecasted by analysts. The decline in revenue can be attributed to various factors, including decreased volumes and a drop in overall revenue per shipment.

Factors Affecting Revenue

According to Chief Executive Marty Freeman, the volume of shipments decreased due to continued “softness in the domestic economy.” This ongoing economic downturn has impacted numerous industries, including the freight carrier sector. Additionally, Old Dominion Freight experienced a decline in revenue per shipment due to the reduced price of diesel fuel. These challenges have contributed to the decline in overall revenue for the company.

Share Buyback Program

Despite the recent financial setbacks, Old Dominion Freight remains optimistic about its future. The company recently approved a new share buyback program worth up to $3 billion in stock. This program will commence once the previous repurchase program is completed. By implementing this strategy, Old Dominion aims to drive value for its shareholders and demonstrate its long-term commitment to success.

In conclusion, Old Dominion Freight has faced a decline in both profit and revenue as a result of reduced economic activity. However, the company is determined to overcome these challenges and has implemented a share buyback program to drive shareholder value. As the economy recovers, Old Dominion Freight remains poised for growth and success in the freight carrier industry.

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