Novelis and Southern Company Partnership for Decarbonization Efforts

by Warren Seah

Novelis and Southern Company have joined forces to advance their decarbonization initiatives. Their initial focus is on Novelis’s newly constructed Bay Minette, Ala., plant, which strives to achieve carbon neutrality for scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions.

A Sustainable Solution for Beverage Packaging

The Bay Minette plant is currently under construction and aims to address the increasing demand for sustainable beverage packaging. In addition, it will play a key role in supporting the automotive industry in North America, particularly in the production of electric vehicles.

Renewable Energy to Reduce Emissions

To reduce scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions, Novelis will collaborate with Southern’s Alabama Power subsidiary. By participating in Alabama Power’s Renewable Subscription Program, Novelis will contribute to the development of two new 80-megawatt solar power generation plants in Alabama. These plants will provide more than half of the renewable energy required by the Bay Minette facility while also preventing the emission of approximately 192 kilotons of carbon dioxide per year.

Innovative Technologies for Carbon Reduction

Novelis and Southern are committed to exploring new technologies aimed at reducing Novelis’s scope 1 carbon emissions. This includes the utilization of hydrogen fuels, carbon capture, energy storage, and the electrification of thermal processes.

In conclusion, Novelis and Southern Company’s partnership underscores their dedication to sustainability and decarbonization, with the Bay Minette plant serving as a flagship project in their efforts to create a more environmentally friendly future.

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