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Neural Bot
Neural Bot Characteristics

Neural Bot is a trading advisor that was published on MQL5 on March 26, 2021, by Piotr Stepien. The last version of the system is 1.20 (April 16, 2021). It was activated five times, and demo downloaded 1949 times.

Neural Bot: To Trust or Not to Trust?

The robot is a young trading solution. So, we can’t be sure that the accurate rate will be stable for a long period to be consistently profitable.


The advisor does not have a big list of features and explanations. The presentation could look better if the developer wanted:

  • Neural BOT is a professional and fully-automated trading robot.
  • It works on the MT5 platform.
  • The advisor trades EUR/USD only.
  • We can run it on a computer or on a VPS service.
  • It works on the market 24/5 analyzing it.
  • The robot can receive updates without being stopped.
  • It doesn’t use risky strategies at all.
  • It sets Stop Loss and Take Profit levels to cover a deal.
  • The principle of the robot’s operation is Neural Networks and Machine Learning.
  • The system doesn’t trade frequently.
  • We can run it in any time frame.
  • The minimum deposit requirements are $300.
  • We have to download settings separately. 
  • The recommended leverage is 1:500
Neural Bot - leverage
  • We have a leverage level explained.
  • IC Markets is a suggested broker.
  • The broker has to support hedge accounts.
  • The system can update itself for trading other currency pairs.
  • There’s a guide on how to do it right.
  • We can trade different currencies at the same time.
Neural Bot pricing

The offer is $450 for a lifetime real-account license. The developer didn’t provide us with a rental option. The same can be said about the refund policy. Usually, there’s no money-back guarantee on the MQL5 forum.

Verified Trading Results

Neural Bot backtest

We have a backtest report of EUR/USD based on the three-year data. The history quality was 100%. An initial deposit was $300. The total net profit was $2,215,481. The maximum drawdown was 19.70%. The Profit Factor was 31.64. The recovery factor was high as well – 7.00. There were 1836 trades closed. The win rate for Short trading positions was 100.00%, when for Long ones it was 99.56%.

Neural Bot trading results

We have a demo account created. It’s not serious to deploy a robot on a demo account after these backtest results. Maybe, the owner is afraid of something. The growth is 32.42%. The system executes algo trading. The maximum drawdown is 16.2%. The system has a low trading activity – 51.9%. As a result, the signals’ reliability is low. The robot has been working for 10 weeks only.

Neural Bot trading results

There were only 21 trading days (30%). An average trade frequency is 13 deals weekly.

Neural Bot growth

The profitability varies depending on the months.

Neural Bot drawdown

The advisor can work with significant drawdowns.

Neural Bot trading results

There were 71 deals traded. The win rate was 98.59%. The best trade is $8.34 when the worst trade is -$0.05. The max deposit load is 3.34%. An average trade length is a day. The Recovery Factor is 299.66. The Profit Factor is 28.59. The average monthly growth is 15.87%.

Neural Bot distribution

It works equally in both directions.

Neural Bot low trading activity

The system gets consistently warned about low trading activity.

Vendor Transparency

Neural Bot - developer

Piotr Stepien has no profile picture. He has a 5548 total rate among other developers. His 31 products have a 4.4 rate from 5 possible. 

People feedback

Neural Bot People feedback

The presentation includes only positive feedback from clients.

Other notes

We’d like to note that the developer doesn’t want to make profits using his Neural Bot trading advisor. It’s suspicious. He has sold five copies of the advisor. So, he has to have at least $2000 to start trading. If we get his profits from selling all 31 products, there should be a well-deposited account under Neural Bot management.

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Neural BOt June 21, 2021 - 4:41 pm

I do not use a real account for a live signal because in my country a broker license is needed to provide such an account, I do it privately but I do not provide live signal from the relate account


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