MFWU (Managed Forex With Us) Review

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MFWU (Managed Forex With Us) Review

MFWU (Managed Forex With Us) is a manual trading management system that provides several Forex-related services, which include managed Forex trading, Forex signals, Forex trade copier services, and robot development. The firm is handled by manual traders and trades with diversified risk in order to help users gain profits. It ensures maximum returns with minimal losses.

MFWU (Managed Forex With Us): To Trust or Not to Trust?

MFWU (Managed Forex With Us) is a new copy trading and account management system. It shows some potential but we cannot say anything about it yet. However, there are some apparent drawbacks of this system, including no verified trading results, no backtests, no explanation of trading strategies, and no pricing. On the basis of these points, we cannot trust it as of now.


MFWU Features

Norbert Zoltan Nagy is the developer of MFWU (Managed Forex With Us). He is the chief programmer with a trading experience of three years. Norbert focuses on two main things, including emotional control in trading and how automated systems cannot adapt as per the alterations in market conditions. This is why he recommends taking the help of experienced robot programmers and traders so as to make better strategies as per the different market scenarios.

Apart from Norbert, the team of MFWU (Managed Forex With Us) includes Tibor Kun-Szabo, Csaba Bilinovics, Istvan Korozsi, and Fredrick D’Rocha. Their respective email IDs and images are provided on the official website.

You can get the broker link from the company after providing your MT4 credentials by contacting its service team. There is no need to sign an agreement or open a MAM or PAMM account for using the services of this Forex robot. The trades are provided by different traders, which makes the EA’s risk diversified.

Plus, the developer does not provide any trading strategy on the official site for generating signals. It just informs that the firm uses the best trading strategies with the help of the collective experience of the traders and programmers in its team.

This means we cannot know if the company uses technical or fundamental analysis to examine the Forex market. Plus, we do not know about the indicators used by the EA in its trading approach. This is a major drawback for many traders.

Furthermore, there is no info about the leverage, timeframe, and currency pairs on its official site. But, from the trading results provided on Forexpeacearmy, we can infer that Norbert’s EA trades in GBP/USD and GBP/JPY, Tibor’s EA trades in GBP/USD, AUD/USD, USD/JPY, and EUR/USD, and the combo system trades in multiple currency pairs.

MFWU. how does subscription to trade copying work

You can subscribe to the copy trading services of MFWU (Managed Forex With Us) at $50 per month. This will provide you with Forex signals from one MFWU trader. If you want to get signals from more traders, then you have to pay $50 per trader. However, there is no information about the price of its account management and trade copying systems.

Unverified Trading Results

There are no verified trading results of MFWU (Managed Forex With Us) on third-party websites like Myfxbook and FX Blue. This is quite necessary as these results show us important details like the lot size used, profit factor, drawdown, etc. The results also disclose the efficacy of the trading strategy used and the risk level present.

However, on its official website, there are three links to the trading results provided on Forexpeacearmy. These results show the deposit, SL, TP, balance, pips, profit, etc. The accounts are managed by the firm’s team members. But, we cannot trust these results as they are not verified.

There are no backtesting results of MFWU (Managed Forex With Us), which is a negative point. Backtests show us the execution of a firm’s trading strategies.

Positive Reviews from Customers

MFWU (Managed Forex With Us) customer reviews

MFWU (Managed Forex With Us) has only two MFWU (Managed Forex With Us) review posts on Forexpeacearmy. Both these reviews are positive with five-star ratings and were published in 2021. However, this EA is quite new, which is why we cannot say anything about it based on only two MFWU (Managed Forex With Us) review posts. We would like to see what other customers say about this service in the future.

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