Mexican State-Owned Oil Company Pemex Ensures Fuel Supply in Acapulco Region After Hurricane Otis

by Warren Seah

Pemex announced that it has successfully secured enough fuel to meet the demand in Acapulco and the surrounding state of Guerrero, despite the devastating effects of Hurricane Otis. The powerful storm, which escalated from a tropical storm to a Category 5 hurricane within just 12 hours, made landfall near the city on Wednesday.

To ensure a steady supply of gasoline and diesel, Pemex revealed that its Acapulco terminal currently holds more than 23.6 million liters (149,000 bbl). This quantity is sufficient to meet the region’s fuel requirements for a period of 18 days. Additionally, Pemex has planned to enhance its inventory in the coming days. The company aims to ship approximately 44,000 bbl of regular gasoline, 25,000 bbl of premium gasoline, and 3,000 bbl of jet fuel into the port of Acapulco.

Power outages caused by the hurricane have resulted in the temporary closures of certain retail fuel stations. However, Pemex assured that services will gradually be restored as electricity access improves.

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador expressed confidence in Pemex’s ability to meet the region’s fuel needs. He stated, “Fuel won’t be in short supply, Pemex is sending gasoline and diesel tanker trucks. What we aim to do first is restore the electricity service.” The president also provided an update on the storm’s impact, revealing that it caused 27 casualties and four individuals still remain missing.

In other developments, Guerrero experienced widespread power outages, affecting over 500,000 homes and businesses. The state-owned electric company CFE reported that 40% of those affected have since had their power restored.

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