MetalNRG Explores Reverse Takeover and Dual Listing

by Warren Seah

MetalNRG, a natural-resources investment company, announced on Thursday that it is considering a reverse takeover and a dual listing on the Toronto Stock Exchange. This decision comes after a strategic business review conducted by the company.

In its pursuit of creating shareholder value, MetalNRG aims to focus on acquiring majority or minority interests in late-stage development projects, projects currently in production, or projects with long-term growth potential. The company will primarily prioritize gold and copper projects, as well as other precious and strategic metals that are experiencing high demand due to global macroeconomic trends, energy transition, and technology advancements.

MetalNRG’s board has identified a shortlist of approximately 10 projects to pursue, some of which may be potential targets for a reverse takeover. By implementing a reverse takeover, the board aims to ensure that existing shareholders are not only protected, but also offered a premium to the current share price.

To further support its new strategy and gain access to two of the most important natural-resources markets, MetalNRG has enlisted the services of Oak Hill Financial in Canada to assess the option of a dual listing on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Overall, MetalNRG is optimistic about its future growth prospects and believes that a reverse takeover and dual listing will help maximize its potential for success in the natural-resources sector.

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