Leveraged GRID Bot Review: Is It a Good Crypto Bot for 2022?

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Leveraged GRID Bot Review: Is It a Good Crypto Bot for 2022?

Leveraged GRID Bot is a trading solution that belongs to the Pionex portfolio. The presentation includes a few explanations about how the system functions. There is not so much information shared, so we have decided to check everything out more carefully. This should help you to make a wise decision.

How does Leveraged GRID Bot crypto bot function?

The site includes some features of how the system is going to work on our account. 

  • The system works completely automatically for us.
  • The bot performs a leveraged Grid strategy.
  • There are only several pairs that can support Leverage Grid Bot provided.
  • It can work by leveraging BTC and ETH providing an x5 multiplier.
  • Other currencies can be leveraged on x3.
  • There’s an upper price that marks the level when the system doesn’t execute orders higher than it.
  • The same for lower price features provided.
  • The system builds Grids based on dividing the upper price of the interval and the lower price of the interval into corresponding shares.
  • We can customize the parameter of leveraged investment.
  • It’s possible to manage the borrowable fund. It’s the total amount of funds available for borrowing on the current platform.
  • There’s a current daily interest feature that can be customized either.
  • The liquidation price is the level when all orders will be closed not to lose an account.
  • We have a triggered price which starts opening orders when the market reaches it.
  • We can manage SL and TP levels according to our risk expectations.
  • It’s possible to manage with what slippage we can work with.
  • We are allowed to manage the steps between grid intervals.
  • We have to set the ETH/USDT Leveraged Grid, the price range is set to 1000-10000, the number of grids is 100, and the arithmetic mode.
  • There’s a borrowable fund pool that shows the amount of money available for lending in the current fund pool. 
  • To get funds, we have to pay a certain amount of interest (collected once every hour). 
  • The calculation method of interest will be calculated based on the current market’s daily interest rate.
  • If a currency price falls to the estimated liquidation price, a liquidation mechanism will be started. 
  • The interest paid by the leveraged grid each time will be automatically deducted from the unrealized profit.

Leveraged GRID Bot review–positive aspects

  • The system works automatically
  • It works with leverage that increases profits for paying commissions

Leveraged GRID Bot review–negative aspects

  • The developers didn’t reveal themself
  • A grid of orders is a risky strategy
  • We have no backtest reports provided
  • No trading results available

Time in business

The bot and the company behind it have been existing since July 2020.


People testimonials on the website

We have testimonials only about their service and bots in general. Nothing was told about Leveraged GRID Bot.

Supported exchanges

The system was designed to work on the Pionex exchange. 

UI of Leveraged GRID Bot

The system has an advanced UI that allows to track all trading activities.

Key features of Leveraged GRID Bot

  • Many options to customize
  • Managing SL and TP levels
  • The system borrows some margin to leverage trading

How to get started on Leveraged GRID Bot?

The system should be downloaded. We have to customize it and attach it to our exchange.

How secure is Leveraged GRID Bot?

The system works though API keys. So, from this side, we can feel secure. Anyway, this doesn’t guarantee that the system is profitable.

Customer support

Owners provide us with support via Telegram and Discord. 

Are traders happy with Leveraged GRID Bot?

We don’t know an answer to this question because we have no testimonials written about this.

Pricing and fees

The system is available for free.

Is a free trial available?

Yes. We can get it after registration on the exchange.

Languages supported

The site supports 14 languages.

What kinds of traders is Leveraged GRID Bot best suited for?

The presentation doesn’t claim anything about who this bot will be the best for. Nevertheless, the system is a fee trading solution, so every trader may try it and  see whether it suits their needs.

Company information

We don’t have information if Pionex exchange is legally registered and if so, where.

Leveraged GRID Bot verdict: should you get it a try?

Leveraged GRID Bot is a trading system that can be used for leverage trading. The system performs a risky strategy–Grid of orders. The presentation includes some explanations but lacks backtest reports and trading results. Although the system can be used for free, we don’t have testimonials that people are profitable with it.

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