Intuitive Machines Lunar Landing

by Warren Seah

Intuitive Machines is set to make history on Thursday as its Odysseus lunar lander is expected to touch down near the moon’s south pole around 5:30 p.m. Eastern time.

SpaceX Partnership and Market Impact

The journey of the probe to the moon began on a SpaceX rocket, leading to a significant impact on Intuitive Machines’ shares. A brief delay due to a SpaceX technical issue initially caused shares to drop over 7% on February 14. However, the setback was short-lived as the rocket successfully launched on February 15, resulting in an impressive 35% spike in Intuitive’s shares. The positive momentum continued, with the stock surging over 50% as the spacecraft progressed towards the moon.

Market Performance

As of Thursday, Intuitive’s shares were valued at $9.90, marking a 6.2% increase amidst a rise of 1.7% for the S&P 500 and 2.4% for the Nasdaq Composite.

Results and Potential Impact

Following these notable market movements, Intuitive’s stock has soared approximately 150% for the month. The outcome of the lunar landing remains uncertain, leaving analysts and investors eager to see how the stock will respond.

Regardless of the financial implications, this mission signifies a remarkable achievement for the innovative space company. If successful, Intuitive will become the first privately funded entity to execute a soft lunar surface landing. The mission aligns with NASA’s commercial program, demonstrating the agency’s commitment to partnership with private enterprises for cost efficiency and enhanced space accessibility.

Milestones and Orbital Preparation

Earlier in the day, the Odysseus probe was positioned around 58 miles above the moon’s surface, preparing for its groundbreaking landing attempt.

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