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Happy News

Happy News is a Forex expert advisor offered by the well-known company among the forex traders and developers–Happy Forex. In this Happy News review, we are going to analyze the various aspects of the system like trading results, features, strategy, price, and vendor transparency.

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Happy News: to trust or not to trust?

This EA is supported by verified trading statistics, which means it has a proven track record of winning live profits. The developer is well-known for manufacturing profitable robots for several years. Thus, it is clear that the company is trustworthy. 


This is a fully-automated system that can operate independently without any manual inputs. There are two pricing plans for the EA: one for two licenses and the other for five licenses. The prices for these plans are 299 Euros and 499 Euros, respectively. These licenses are for real accounts and along with them, you get access to an unlimited number of demo accounts. The vendor offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for the users.

When you purchase this EA, you get the Happy Forex Full Pack containing 10 EAs, without paying anything extra. The vendor also offers a 30% discount. Users receive a user guide in English as well as installation instructions. You only need to pay for the license for the first month, after which it is automatically renewed for lifetime. 

The developers points out the following features of the system:

  • Happy News lets you trade the relevant news in Forex, regardless of the outcome.
  •  To capitalize on the market momentum, it places pending orders in both directions. 
  • The news is sourced from reliable places and is filtered according to the preferences of the user. 
  • You have the freedom of monitoring all the news, or just the ones that affect the pair of your choice. 
  • There are several filters you can use to tell the EA what kind of news impact it should be looking for and how the release should differ from previous ones.
  • The EA is compatible with operating systems like Linux, Mac OS, and Windows. 
  • It supports ECN broker accounts and you only need $100 to start trading with it. 
  • There is no complex installation process for this EA. 
  • The dev convinces us that the system does not use risky strategies like grid, hedging, and martingale. 
  • Happy News can auto-detect 4 or 5 digit quotes. 
  • The currency pairs supported by this system include EUR/USD, AUD/USD, GBP/USD, and USD/JPY.

If you are in need of support, you can use the contact form on the website to send a message to the service team. The official website also has a chat feature. On the Facebook page of Happy Forex, you can find the official email address.

Verified trading results

Growth chart of Happy News on FXStat.

Although there is no backtest report provided, the devs share live trading results on FXStat. As you can see, the system has a long history of winning profits in the live market. To date, 416 trades have been conducted through this account, out of which 87.98% have been closed in profit. This is an extremely high win rate compared to other EAs on the market. Currently, the total profit for this account stands at $2238.60. 

While the daily and monthly gains are quite decent at 0.14%, and 3.14% respectively, the drawdown is only 13.34%. It is quite impressive that the EA has been able to maintain such a high win rate while keeping the drawdown low. 

Trading results of Happy News on FXStat.

As we can see from the recent trading history, the EA has been able to generate steady profits. However, it has canceled a few of the trades placed in the month of March. For the last 10 orders, it has used a lot size of 0.65-0.75. The average trade duration is 0.08 hours, while the average profit and loss are $13.41 and $53.37, respectively. 

Vendor transparency

Happy Forex, the parent company, is based in Germany. This team is well-known for manufacturing automated trading systems like Happy Power, Happy Breakout, Happy MartiGrid, Happy Neuron, Happy Galaxy, etc.

User reviews

User reviews for Happy Forex on Trustpilot.

Although there are no reviews for this EA on third-party websites, customers on Trustpilot are quite happy with the products offered by this EA.

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